The Vinyl Countdown! Mike our Resident Punk from Audio T Manchester Delves into his Record Collection

In this months blog Mike Hennessey from Audio T Manchester gives the inside track on his vinyl collection. Be warned, some of the cover art may make you feel a bit queasy.

Rega Brio   Rega RP8  Rega Ania

Rega Brio Rega RP8 Rega Ania

First Record I Ever Bought? NOFX - Pump Up the Valuum

Technics SL-1210GR

Technics SL-1210GR

It’s pretty fitting that the first record I ever bought was a NOFX album. As you will see, I’ve bought a lot more since then but back when no one wanted records, this would have been purchased in 2000, it was easy enough to pick up the coloured first pressings from NOFX.

Oldest Record I Own? Mary Poppins soundtrack. 

This one I inherited from my Grandad when he passed away. It came inside a Ferguson Stereogram, fortunately, not something I had to listen on. Unfortunately, at some point during a house move, I have managed to lose the bulk of the records I inherited, which was mainly Ella fitzgerald, Perry Como and The Seekers. Not exactly my taste in music but losing records is never a good thing, especially when they have sentimental value.
Most Interesting Record? Pizzatramp - Blowing Chunks.

This was released by TNS Records back at the end of 2016, the record was shipped in January 2017. Delivered in a hand painted and numbered pizza box, containing the album on green vinyl, a screen print of the album artwork and a slice of pizza. 

Pizzatramp 1 yr on.JPG

I varnished the pizza to preserve it. Here it is 1 year on.

Most Collected Band? NOFX


54 records, not including CDs or compilations.  36x7”, 2x10”, 16x12”. 12 Albums, 1 Bootleg, 2 splits, 8 EPs, 31 Singles including a 12 part set.


Most Valuable Record?
This one is tricky really. Not being the kind of person to part with records, any value attributed to them is purely academic. Unless of course there is something I need to buy! I’ve used the Discogs and Popsike websites to try and value what I have. I’ve included a selection as values vary depending on where you look and what extras you still have with the record et cetera. This just gives an idea of the records that have the highest priced sale on the two websites mentioned above.


Everything Everything - ARC Sold for £127 on DIscogs, £122 on Popsike
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Take a Break £147 DIscogs, £135 Popsike    
Mad Caddies - Just One More £295 Discogs, £151 Popsike
NOFX - HOFX £99 Discogs, £161 Popsike
NOFX - Liberal Animation £175 Discogs, £145 Popsike
NOFX - War on Errorism £101 Discogs, £135 Popsike
NOFX/Rancid Split £125 Discogs, £122 Popsike
The White Stripes - De Stijl £111 Discogs, £130 Popsike

Smallest Amount I’ve Paid? 29p. 

Wild Cherry - Self Titled/Band Aid - Do they know it’s Christmas? 12” single. 
Both were bought on the same day from a charity shop on Hillgate in Stockport and both cost the same amount. Wild Cherry had no sleeve and has been sadly lost, which reminds me, I must keep an eye out for another copy.

Any Unusual Sized Records? - Dropkick murphys live on a five.

I’ve only ever encountered one unusually sized record. At the time I bought it, I don’t think I realised it was unusual. This is just two live tracks on one small record.

The Last Record I bought - Sonic Boom Six - Cardiac Address / Stand Out Riot - Gentlemen Bandits


Cardiac Address was a Pledge Music release from Sonic Boom Six, used to raise funds to get them to the Vans Warped Tour last year, it took a while but the 10” record finally arrived in January 2018.

Gentleman Bandits is a re-release from TNS Records, although it is the album’s first time on vinyl. This wasn’t bought by me but as a present from my wife for Christmas.

I also have at least 3 records currently on order that were purchased after Cardiac Address but I don’t have them yet, so they can’t count. They are, The Bennies - Natural Born Chillers, Harker - No Discordance, Marmozets - Knowing What You Know Now. 
Let’s face it, I’ll probably buy more before I finish this blog. 

Most Out of Place? Young Love.

This is a compilation album of love songs. I bought it for a communal Valentine's dinner with friends at university. And that’s all I have to say about that.
Record I Should Own But Don't? Guns N’ Roses - Live Like A Suicide


Guns N’ Roses are probably my second most collected band, so it’s a surprise to me that they haven’t appeared in this until now. These are seemingly always available but I’ve never had the funds and the opportunity at the same time. The worst part is, my brother who doesn’t own a turntable, does have a copy. Framed on his wall. Sacrilege! Although, he did bring it in to the shop for its one and only play in his possession.

Thanks for reading! Rock on...vinyl!

Rega Launch New Products At Audio T Brighton On Saturday 19th November

We are very pleased that our Rega account manager Rob Noble will be with us in store from 10.00am to 4.00pm on Saturday 19th November and especially so as we will be featuring some new Rega equipment.

Rega look forward to the release of some exciting new products for the autumn of 2016. More details to follow soon prior to their appearance at the Brighton open day. Watch this space………………’

Rega have been working very hard and recently introduced three new turntables to kick off the range in style. Their amplifiers, CD players and loudspeakers also deserve attention, as the Rega expertise is wide ranging.

Take A Look Around The Rega Factory

Rega RP10

We hope to see you on the day.

PMC, Naim and Rega Events At Audio T Brighton In November

PMC on Saturday 5th November with Tom Barron from PMC

We will be featuring the new and rather good twenty5 series loudspeakers.


Naim on Saturday 12th November with Jason Gould from Naim

It's too early to announce what we will be presenting, but be assured it will be good, and new !

Keep in touch and we will provide more details in October.


Rega on Saturday 19th November with Rob Noble from Rega

‘Rega look forward to the release of some exciting new products for the autumn of 2016. More details to follow soon prior to their appearance at the Brighton open day. Watch this space………………’ 


Audio T Autumn Hi-Fi Extravaganza!

Summer (did I blink?)  may be starting to fade away but we have lots of exciting audio events planned this Autumn to keep our spirits up!

The evenings may soon be drawing in but that's just an excuse to play more music!  What can be better than a cosy evening at home, feet up with a glass of your favourite tipple, a log fire crackling in the hearth and your favourite tunes playing on a great hi-fi system.

To assist you with this goal we will be hosting a number of events showcasing some great hi-fi brands as well as demonstrating the massive improvements possible when attention is paid to signal and mains cabling and conditioning.

Event number one is 4pm - 8pm on Friday September 4th plus 10am - 6pm on Saturday 5th and will be all about the benefits of mains cabling and conditioning with Isotek products.  At least one Isotek technical expert will be on hand to explain the principles of their products and to demonstrate the clear and dramatic upgrades which can be made to any audio or visual system.  

Event 2 is a week later at the same times, i.e. 4pm - 8pm September 11th and 10am - 6pm Saturday 12th.  On this occasion we will be featuring range topping Cyrus Signature Hi-Fi components and The Chord Company interconnects and speaker cables including the awesome Sarum and Super Aray range!

Nick from Cyrus will be here with at least two Mono X 300 Signature power amplifiers, maybe four or, if we are really lucky, six to drive our PMC Twenty 26 speakers to audio perfection!  Matt from Chord will ensure that everything is connected with the best possible cables.

We take a (well-deserved?) break the next week to ensure that Event 3 is perfectly timed for the official launch of the Rega Queen turntable.  Friday September 25th is the day we can release the first of these much anticipated and eagerly awaited special record decks.

As if this isn't enough excitement we are delighted that Mark from Hundred Records in Romsey will be here during the evening of the 25th (6pm - 8pm) and all day Saturday 26th (10am - 6pm) running a pop-up record store with a selection of great vinyl for you to browse and buy, and, even better, if you confirm an order very soon, you may even be able to collect your brand new Rega Queen turntable and the stunning  Queen box set during the event!

Containing all 15 studio albums re-mastered by Bob Ludwig onto 18 different coloured 180g LPs with a 108 page hardback book of album intros, lyrics, quotes and photographs and memorabilia this is a must have for any Queen fan, music lover or vinyl collector.

Please be aware that both the Queen turntables and box sets are creating such a buzz that demand is exceptionally high and neither Audio T or Hundred Records can guarantee that orders will be available to collect on the 25th or 26th September.  All orders will be honoured and those placing orders the soonest stand the most chance of collecting during the event.

Rob from Rega will also be with us on the Saturday.  Get here early if you want a chance to buy LPs from Mark or Rob will beat you to it!  

We will have at least two great turntable based Rega systems running in store, including the mighty RP10 through Aria and Elicit R with our newly arrived RX5 speakers.  You really won't want to miss this event.

Finally, nudging into October Event 4 will be featuring Arcam with both James and technical expert Andy joining us to explain and demonstrate the stunning performance of their new G class amplification.  Our brand new arrival A29 plus A39, A49 and maybe even C49 and P49 will all be available to listen to.

Not only will Matt from Chord visit again to ensure that only the best Sarum cables link the Arcam components to our favourite PMC Twenty 26 speakers but we are delighted that Tom from PMC will also attend to answer any PMC queries.

All of this Arcam, Chord and PMC action will commence between 4pm - 8pm Friday 2nd October and continue during Saturday 3rd from 10am - 6pm

That's all for now!  Watch this space for further updates as the events evolve and unfold.

Best mark them in your diary now and don't forget to place any Rega Queen and box set orders as soon as possible!

See you soon,

Alan and John

P.S. There will be exclusive prize draws at each of these events.  Another good reason to come along!
















Record Store Day is nearly upon us!!!

With RSD 2015 only a few days away ( Saturday 18th April ), Not only will you be able to pick up that copy of limited edition vinly that you've been waiting for from your faviourite artist at your local record shop but you could also be one of the lucky few to get there hands hold of the VERY limited REGA RSD turntable right here at Audio T Swindon.

With the numbers of these being as limited as they are, Rega dealers only get a small hand full of stock so be sure to reserve you REGA RSD today to avoid disapointment!

If you're really lucky you may even be one of the extremely lucky few to get 1 of 12 signed RSD turnbales by artists such as:

Chrisse Hynde
Georgie Fame
Gaz Coombes
Gorgon City
Liam Gallagher
Mark Knopfler
Pete McKee (To be auctioned for charity by RSD's partner WarChild)
Pulled Apart by Horses
Royal Blood
Simple Minds
Tim Burgess

Call today to reserve your REGA RSD on TEL: 01793 538222

Announcing the all new Rega Apheta 2 Moving Coil Cartridge

The first new product from Rega for 2015 is their Apheta 2 moving coil cartridge.

Outwardly at first glance it looks identical to the original but close inspection reveals that every component including the beautifully machined aluminium body is new. This is now a one-piece design removing the separate part to which the magnet assembly is affixed. The purpose of this is to eliminate unwanted resonance between the 2 parts. 

From their site:

Conventional MC cartridges utilize a steel suspension system (tie wire) which creates a high amplitude H.F. resonance (normally around 8-12kHz). Such resonance is unacceptable and is usually damped by a rudimentary piece of foam rubber.

However, the foam rubber deteriorates with age and cannot prevent the complete structure from vibrating and "ringing".

The specifics and adjustment of the tie wire and damping determine whether the cartridge is under damped (bright) or over damped (warm and bass heavy).
A happy medium is rarely achieved.

This encouraged Rega to pursue a new direction inspired by modern materials and the basic laws of magnetism. The Apheta 2 contains neither a tie wire nor a foam damper.

Moving coil aficionados will all recognise the long search for super clear, high frequency combined with firm, tight bass.

Apheta 2 retains the same non tie-wire design that made the original such a unique design. The removal of the tie-wire (which is highly resonant and requires the use of a rubber damper) 

The magnet is now a super powerful neodymium type. The coils are meticulously hand wound on an iron cross 50% smaller than before. This results in a lower moving mass for even better tracking. The output is thus lowered from a rather beefy 500mv to a more useable 350mv, which will be easer to match with some phonostages.

The one part carried over is the stylus, which remains a Vital line-contact type, nude mounted.

Outward appearance may appear much the same but the sound is not. Brand new out of the box our rep’s new demo unit, upon first needle drop became our demo one.

This has to be one of the most refined cartridges I’ve ever heard. Gone is any trace of brightness or ‘sizzle’ that the original could be provoked into on some discs whilst not loosing any detail or high frequency information. In fact there is now so much more to listen to without any loss of musicality. Nowhere was this more apparent than voices. Sibilants are rendered totally natural, eerily so. 

What also struck me was the almost total lack of surface noise. Indeed on the new reissue of Jethro Tull's Warchild I turned up my amp close to max during a very quiet passage and was amazed by the almost CD-like quietness. Also seemingly absent was any end of side distortion. All this should mean it's great for classical music lovers not just old rockers like me.

Bass is full, taught and powerful the like I’ve never heard from a Rega cartridge before. In fact, so taken was I with its performance I took it home to play on my set-up. By 2 am I had to force myself to go to bed!! Enough said.

It gets better. Rega now bundle the Apheta 2 with both the RP8 and RP10 and has lifted the respective performances to another level for just a mere £100 increase.

The Apheta 2 retails at £998, up from £920 and to me represents a real bargain in high-end moving coil cartridges, my home demo is testimony to that and I foresee many on non-Rega turntables. I suspect supply will be very short as I’m informed, due to finer manufacturing tolerances after major investment in high definition magnification equipment, maximum output will be 3 per day for the entire world supply.

On permanent demo on the ‘house system’ for any impromptu listen. Bring a record in and prepare to be amazed.


Apheta 1 left,  Apheta 2 on the right.

Happy New Year!!

Firstly we would like to wish all our customers, past and present, a Happy New Year.


2014 was a great year for us and our suppliers with a host of fabulous new

products, many achieving awards.


Highlights include:


Two new products from Rega, the Elex-R amplifier and of course their new flagship turntable, the RP10.

Naim Audio introduced their first ever all-in-one music player, the mu-so, by far the best sounding product of its type and already a big success.

They have also now added Spotify Connect on all their network players and Uniti products which also now feature Bluetooth connectivity.


Chord Electronics Hugo has been a true ‘game changer’, a remarkable product which has been applauded the world over. Now available in black.

Chord Hugo, now also available in silver.


Neat Accoustics loudspeakers, especially the Motive range, has proven to be one of our best sellers last year, a perfect complement to our amplifier range.


The Well Tempered Versalex turntable. A truly awesome product thanks to its fresh design and engineering.

 Well Tempered Versalex


So, what can one expect from us in 2015?


Well, firstly we are delighted to announce the introduction to our loudspeaker portfolio of Shahinian Loudspeakers from the USA. These highly exclusive speakers offer a somewhat different perspective from the norm that we know many will enjoy.

We  intend a more detailed blog post soon.

Shahinian Compass 2

Compass 2

Shahinian Arc 2

Arc 2

There are a few other significant announcement coming soon, we’ll keep you posted.





Turntable Stocking Fillers for Christmas

We've got a great range of accessories for the turntable lover this Christmas

From new cartridges to cleaning systems and phono stages

And we're always happy to give advice

Even Boswell is getting into the Christmas spirit!!


call in, or give us a ring, we're bound to have something for you.