Pro-ject Jukebox E - Instant Vinyl Replay Hi-Fi System - Just Add Speakers!

Pro-ject audio systems have always strived to make excellent vinyl audio quality as accessible as possible and by creating the Jukebox E take this a step further by providing a everything you need for excellent vinyl sound in just one box.


The business of listening to music on vinyl is one that nearly always involves at least a few boxes e.g. turntable, phono stage, amplifier and speakers and of course all the cables in between! This can sometimes put people off as equipment can take up a fair bit of space which can sometimes be at a premium in front rooms and of course the collective cost of the various components! Pro-ject audio Systems have come up with an elegant solution to this by combining their expertise in high quality entry level turntables, phono stages and amplification to come up with the Pro-ject Jukebox E.


Along with a pair of suitable speakers the Jukebox E is a complete vinyl and Bluetooth playback system. The turntable itself is based on Pro-ject's hugely successful Primary turntable, modified to fit the Jukebox chassis. The arm is a 8.6” and made from aluminium with sapphire bearings with an Ortofon’s excellent OM 5e cartridge pre installed. It is a belt driven turntable with a low-vibration synchronous motor with very reliable speed stability. In the interest of keeping things simple there is next to no setup needed straight out of the box, with only the belt being separate and needing to be installed.


The Jukebox E also features a Bluetooth input, handy for those times you don’t feel like getting out of your chair to turn a vinyl over! Being able to control music through your Bluetooth enabled smart device gives the Jukebox E plenty of versatility. A line level phono input on the back also allows you do add any other sources you would like such as a streamer or CD player, while a line level output means you can add a headphone amplifier or integrate into a larger system.


The system boasts a surprisingly powerful 50w in to 4 Ohms per channel integrated amplifier which has a moving magnet phono stage built in based on Pro-ject's brilliant Phono Box technology. We find the Jukebox E very easy to operate; there is a clear display on the front that has the volume and current input which are controllable either from the front panel or the supplied remote control which also gives you some customisation with the sound by adjusting the bass and treble.


Build quality is also very impressive the sturdy, heavy high gloss plinth, special decoupling feet and removable dust cover all give you the impression of a premium piece of equipment which is only helped by the small details like the high quality display and luxury aluminium pulley.


There are any number of loudspeakers that can be paired with the Jukebox E, though typically keeping with the theme of saving space you will most commonly see them paired with small bookshelf speakers. We have found fantastic results with the Dali Spector 1 and Dali Zensor 1. This is a combination that produces an impressive large sound, a surprisingly deep bass response, plenty of detail and a better sound stage than you would expect from such a small and reasonably priced setup.

If you are just starting out in vinyl or want a ‘second room’ type system but want to keep it small and simple then the Pro-ject Jukebox E is the perfect product for you, the fact that is is an ‘all in one’ system does not mean there is any compromise on the quality you get out of the system, just add speakers and you are ready to listen to some music! The Jukebox E is well worth a listen and is in our store as well as a large range of loudspeakers to pair with it and find the combination that suits you the best, please get in touch to book a demonstration.

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Naim Multi-room Firmware Update For Uniti And Mu-so Also Improves Sound Quality

This latest firmware update from Naim, not only improves functionality, but also offers a noticeable improvement in sound quality.

The new Uniti and Mu-so are updated Over-the-Air so just update via the Naim app. Please ensure you read the information below before carrying out the update on manually updated products.

Image 14-04-2018 at 14.21.jpg

The firmware updates will enable you to seamlessly play music between Naim streaming products. This update also includes known bug fixes.  For Mu-so and the new Uniti ranges, the Naim app will notify users that an update is available.

N.B. For legacy streaming products that don't have the over-the-air update feature, Naim will publish the download links as usual on the Naim website and Forum.

Products to be Updated

Over-the-air (App prompted)

Mu-so Qb
Uniti Nova
Uniti Star
Uniti Atom

Manual Product Update
Except for Mu-so and the new Uniti ranges that will update over-the-air, all other products will require a manual update. To update the unit you will need a PC or Mac and a USB to mini-b or USB to RS232 cable, depending on the age of the product. A simple step-by-step video on how to update a unit manually can be watched below.

Manual update - IMPORTANT - In order for the unit to perform the update it MUST be 24bit/192kHz capable).

• SuperUniti
• NaimUniti
• NaimUniti 2
• UnitiLite
• UnitiQute
• UnitiQute 2
• NAC-N 172 XS
NAC-N 272

To identify if the unit is a 24bit/192kHz variant, follow these instructions:

1. Press the ‘Settings’ button on the remote control
2. Scroll and select ‘Factory Settings’
3. Scroll and select ‘System Status’
4. Scroll to ‘BC SW’. If the code starts with ‘3D’ you have the latest hardware and the update can be made. If it displays anything else then the update cannot be made. 

If you have any questions regarding the update or are experiencing any issues installing the new firmware please contact the Naim Technical Support team.

Join Julian, Paul and John in the Brighton store to explore Naim in depth.

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ROON - One Music Player And Hi-Fi Controller To Rule Them All

Roon is the latest and one of most exciting innovations to Hi-Fi music replay, so what exactly is it? Roon is a music player and control application (software) designed specifically for music lovers. Roon allows you to view all of your music from a single interface and allows you to play from any supported device in any location within your home and offers some fantastic features designed that enhance sound quality. 

One Control App To Rule Them All
You no longer need to keep opening, swapping and closing different system control apps whilst listening to music from different products, sources and places in and around your home. Roon organises all of your music in an attractive, easy to use single interface and like the wizard Gandalf from the J R Tolkien's books it has a few magic tricks up its sleeve that will allow you to enjoy your music even more...

So what can Roon do?
Roon allows you to control various, previously incompatible Hi-Fi brands with just the one control app. For instance, it can control your streamer and music library and play them through, for example, a high end Naim system and a multi-room Sonos system simultaneously. 

 Roon is the software brains in your home audio system

Roon is the software brains in your home audio system

Better Sound Quality via Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Room Equalisation / Correction
Roon can both up-sample and down-sample music files, but what does that mean in reality? Well two things; firstly and most importantly, it can improve the sound of your music throughout the home. Secondly (using higher resolution audio and Sonos as an example) when previously playing 24 bit music throughout the home, Sonos would mute, as it could not handle anything above CD resolution. Using Roon, it will down-sample the hi-res files so that your Sonos will play quite happily.

Room correction: Roon has the capability to improve how your music sounds by enabling your speakers to work better in their environment. You can set up distances to the listening position and there is a graphic equaliser so that you can fine tune the sound to your liking within your own listening space.

Musical focus and radio: Roon has the ability to find exactly the sort of music that you want to hear, and when it is finished, will continue to play Roon Radio which will play music of a similar genre.

What about the Roon interface?
Roon is the best music app that we have ever seen. It is totally intuitive and incredibly informative. Discography, bibliography, intelligent links, lyrics and more, are readily available. Learn more about the album, artists, who they collaborated with and discover more music that you like. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 14.10.34.jpg
 Sorted by Artist

Sorted by Artist

 Sorted by date added

Sorted by date added

 Album page view

Album page view

 Discover music!

Discover music!

What do I need?
You will need a Roon enabled product and the list of manufacturers is growing. You can view the current supported brands here.

Internet Radio & Tidal Hi-Fi
You can play any Internet radio station via Roon and if you are a Tidal subscriber it integrates your favourite albums right along side your own record collection. It will also allow the replay of MQA files the high resolution format supported by Tidal.

Roon Core & Nucleus
A Roon Core: it’s the traffic cop, the housekeeper, and the brains behind the operation. A PC or Mac is needed to handle the quite substantial processing. Some ripper servers (Innuos for example) can act as the core as it has Roon software built in. The core manages your music collection from many sources, and builds an interconnected digital library using enhanced information from Roon, allowing you to explore your favourite artists and to discover new music genres.

If your system has multiple players, room correction and a lot of DSP in use, then the dedicated Roon Nucleus Core would be well worth considering. Nucleus becomes the centre of your Roon music system.

Aside from being a powerful, music server, what sets Nucleus apart is that it’s powered by Roon OS – a fast and lightweight operating system optimised to do just one thing: browse and play your music. Roon is a multi-room, multi-user networked audio platform built to the exacting standards for music lovers. For more information on pricing and availability please call Audio T Oxford.

Can I see it working?
Yes you can. Please contact Jon Abson at Audio T Oxford and he will arrange to show it to you in store. If you like it, we can set you up with a FREE trial for a month and if you like it we can organise a subscription for you.

Record Store Day 2018 At Derricks Music Swansea Is Just Around The Corner

April 21st is the day for the 2018 Record Store Day and once again we will be teaming up with Derricks Music just down the road from us.

As has become a tradition for this event at Audio T Swansea we will be giving away a
limited edition Rega Record Store Day turntable worth £265 as part of our RSD FREE prize draw. As usual just come and visit Derricks Music on the day where we will be demonstrating the 2018 RSD turntable with some other Rega electronics and fill in the competition entry form - it's as simple as that! Come and spin some of your RSD purchases!


This years RSD turntable looks very smart indeed being built on the base of the Rega Planar 2 turntable and featuring a white platter which sets it apart from the offerings in the standard Rega line up. Read more about the RSD turntable on the Rega website here

Here some ore images of the 2018 Rega Record Store Day turntable:

RSD 18 lid badge silver black.jpg

And once again there is a huge amount of vinyl being released for Record Store Day, I've already read the list several times and will try and not spend too much money this year!

View the full details of recordings being released.

Last year the queue was around the block when I arrived at Derricks at 8.30am with the first in line arriving at 4am! Hopefully we will see lots and lots of you there again this year.

Nic, Chris and Adrian - Audio T Swansea

Chromey Visits The Darkside With Chord Electronics New DAC. Says, "I'm no longer the Qutest anymore".

Chord Electronics have done it again, developing and extracting atomically accurate detail from a respectably priced digital to analogue converter (DAC).

Chord Qutest and Chromey-5.jpg

Utilising the brand new Hugo 2 chip, stripping out the headphone amplifier and battery but leaving the lush sweet sounds we expect from Chord Electronics that will challenge any DAC north of £1000. (But not you Chromey, the Qutest is your friend, read on little guy and we'll explain why).

Chord Qutest and Chromey-2.jpg

Chord Electronics have also added a dedicated audio filter and input switch on the front, more akin to the Mojo and Hugo 2, the previous 2Qute had a switch on the rear panel to change your inputs. The dedicated audio filter is for those who like to tweak the audio a little bit. 

Chord Qutest and Chromey-10.jpg

Ahhh, you see Chromey, we new you would "opt in" in the end. 

Chord Qutest and Chromey-9.jpg

New look, new you! Chord have changed their styling, opting for their signature 'coloured marbles' for the controls, much akin to the Hugo 2 and Mojo, and a much more angular, muscular look. (Yes Chromey, a bit like you).

Chord Qutest and Chromey-11.jpg
Chord Qutest and Chromey-12.jpg

For our listening test, we took a modest system similarly priced to the Qutest just to see if we could add a little Chord magic dust to it. We implemented a Qutest into a Rega Brio, Dynaudio Emit 10 and a Bluesound NODE 2

Connecting the Node 2 via Coaxial out into the Qutest and then RCA analogue into our Rega Brio. Playing a mixture of Hi-Res, MQA and 16bit CD with completely mesmerising results.

Dropping the Qutest into our system immediately opened up the soundstage, detail, bass and just made the music "life like" in comparison to hearing it before the Qutest was introduced, we simply couldn't go back to the Brio and Bluesound without the Qutest

You can hook it up to such an array of systems. It sounds amazing with a Rega Brio amp with a pair of Dynaudio Emit's and even better with a Naim Nait XS2 or Rega Elicit-R amplifier paired with Neat Motive SX1's, basically the Qutest is never lost in a system. Moreover, it stands there with it's chest out demanding your attention. 

Chord Qutest and Chromey.jpg

Come in and have a listen at Audio T Manchester. Chromey has seen the light...will you?

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Bowers and Wilkins P3, P5, PX, P9 Signature Headphones - The Full Range!

In this months blog, we take a look at the Bowers & Wilkins range of personal and portable headphones. If you're looking for a new pair of headphones then look no further. Whether you're looking for small and compact, the freedom of wireless connectivity, or the ultimate Hi-Fi experience, Bowers and Wilkins have the right set of headphones for you.


Starting with the P3 headphones. These very lightweight on the head, perfect for travel and the daily commute. They are a closed back design, so you shouldn't annoy your fellow passengers with sound leakage, though you may annoy them with headphone envy!

Available in black only, supplied with a hard carry case.

p3 box.JPG

Next in the range we have the award winning P5 wireless headphones, also very lightweight and compact but the big difference here is that there are no cables! Having wireless aptX Bluetooth built in, means these are the perfect travel companion.


Available in black only with a battery life of up to 17 hours, perfect for that long haul flight. 

p5 bag.JPG

Here we have the all new PX wireless headphones already winning awards, this is our best selling headphone at the moment. Bigger than the P5 and adding a feature of noise cancelling it is ticking all the boxes for home listening and on the move.


With a battery life of up to 22 hours the flight to Australia just got a lot more enjoyable. Download the app and you can adjust the settings on the active noise cancelling between city/office flight and keep up to date with the latest firmware.

px box.JPG

Another great feature would be the built in sensors, put the headphones on and they turn on, take them off and they will go into standby mode, if you take a phone call using the built in microphone the PX headphones will pause the music. They are available in two finishes space grey and soft gold.

The P9 signature headphones are the flagship model of the range and are made using some very luxurious materials, including: saffiano leather, giving a distinctive cross hatch finish and forged foldable aluminium arms for greater durability.


The performance of the P9 has to be heard and is a big step up from the previous flagship model, the P7. The P9 is one of the most comfortable headsets we have tried and more than delivers on performance offering great sound quality.

One of the main changes made to the B&W P9 are the drivers, this design has been angled and when listening, gives a more natural presentation, focused in front of you, rather than to the side.

p9 box.JPG

A de-coupled headband helps stop vibration, giving the P9 a very open soundstage, but not taking away any of the bass.

The P9 also come with a luxury protective case and 5 metre cable as well as the 1.5m that is already fitted.

All of these great headphones are available to demo in-store. We look forward to seeing you soon

Ian, Gavin & Andy - Audio T Preston.

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Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 Series Event a Resounding Success!

Last Wednesday evening we held a fantastic Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 Series listening event at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff. Colleagues from both Cardiff and Swansea branches were in attendance as well as representatives from Bowers & Wilkins, Chord Electronics and The Chord Company. Over 50 guests attended to hear some fantastic sounds from some of the best Hi-Fi in the world.

IMG_1991 B.JPG

The evening began with a presentation from B&W representatives of the progression of the 800 series. Attendees were treated to music played on the 805 D3, 804 D3, 803 D3, and 800 D3 in turn. While the whole range sounded fantastic it was brilliant to able to hear more and more of the music come to life as we moved up the series the jump between the more traditional looking 804 D3 to the more unique shaped 803 D3 was particuly stunning. You could see the amazement all around the room.

IMG_1998 B.JPG

As we were taken up through the range the representatives from B&W took us through the technology and build processes that make these speakers so great, we have a few recent blogs on this as well such as our B&W factory tour and reviews on the 800 D3 series so make sure to have a read of those. The Norwegian Chuch is admittedly not the best space acousticly but the further up the series we went the more the sound filled the room and the immersion of the music was fantastic.

 Worth the drive!

Worth the drive!

IMG_2003 B.JPG

The B&W 800 D3 series certainly needs plenty of power to be driven at their best,  especially in the large room of the Norwegion Church, luckily we had Chord Electronics involved and their system provided that power in spades.

IMG_2004 b.JPG

We were treated to some top tier electronics and streamed music to the outstanding DAVE DAC which we also used as a pre-amplifier and played CD's from the BLU MK. 2. These sources then were routed through a pair of the Immense SPM1400 Mk.II Mono power amplifiers, providing a whopping 480 watts to each channel! We had a facsinating overview of the equipment from a representative from Chord and then listening to more music with a focus on the electronics.

IMG_2006 B.JPG

We were very pleased to welcome Rob Watts to the event, Rob is the man who designed, amongst many others, the DAVE DAC and he gave an insightful talk on his design process and about the inner workings of the DAVE.

IMG_2007 b.JPG

All of the staff from Audio T Cardiff and Swansea would like to thank everyone who attended the event and especially the reprsentatives form the manufacturers who give very enlightning and intresting talks on their products. The whole B&W 800 D3 series is currently on demonstration at the Cardiff shop so please get in touch for a one on one demonstration.

IMG_2011 B.JPG

The B&W 800 D3 series is only available in the Cardiff store.

All other Bowers & Wilkins Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T:

New Neat Iota Xplorer Loudspeakers on Demonstration at Audio T Brighton

Neat have taken the concept of the groundbreaking Iota Alpha to a new level with this intriguing additional model to the Iota range.

Introducing the Iota Xplorer. This exciting new design uses the same basic configuration as the Iota Alpha, in an enlarged form. The top section is sealed off from the lower, and acts as a two-way infinite baffle loudspeaker. It houses Neat’s own P1-R3 170mm bass/midrange drive unit alongside an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter in a horizontal array, as per the Iota and Iota Alpha models


Our nice natural oak demonstration pair can be used with or without grilles. Interesting visually and more discreet than most loudspeakers, we believe these will be popular with the ladies. Gentlemen please take note!

The lower, ported section of the Xplorer houses not one, but two of Neat’s P1-R2 bass drive units. These are similar to the R3 unit, but specially tailored for extended low-frequency response. One unit is located on the bottom panel, facing the floor, whilst the second is located internally, directly above the first, in a sealed iso-baric arrangement, handling only low frequencies and acting as an integral subwoofer system. Iso-baric loading allows deep, well controlled low frequency (LF) bass performance from a compact enclosure.


Upside down!

The Iota Xplorer delivers a compelling portrayal of all types of music. Like the Alpha, the Xplorer belies its small stature with a full-range agile presentation and huge soundstage, which projects far beyond the modest confines of the cabinet.

Already sounding engaging after just running in overnight, there will be much more to come as they run in and open out further.


Suitable for use with Naim Uniti models and above; well anything rather good really.


Size (hxwxd): 74 x 30 x 22cm
Weight: 18Kg each
Impedance: 8 Ohms (minimum ~5 Ohms)
Sensitivity: 88dB/1 watt
System: 2.5-way, iso-baric bass reflex, incorporating integral iso-baric subwoofer.
Drive units:
1 x Neat P1/R3 170mm LF/Midrange unit
1 x AMT HF unit
2 x Neat P1/R2 170mm LF units.

Finish options. Satin white. black oak, natural oak, American walnut.

Neat loudspeakers are available at the following Audio T stores:


A Little Bear from Brentwood Explores Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show

Every year at the Marriott City Centre Hotel, in Bristol, Audio T organises the Sound & Vision - The Bristol Show in association with What Hi-Fi?

Now in it's 31st year, the Bristol Show is the largest and longest running consumer Hi-Fi and home audio show in the UK and continues to go from strength to strength showcasing the latest and greatest Hi-Fi from the UK and from around the world. This year there were well over 200 brands exhibiting!

This year Boswell our intrepid teddy bear (from Brentwood not Peru!) took a short tour and stopped for a few selfies along the way. 

 Boswell looking regal in the Rega room!

Boswell looking regal in the Rega room!

It's a very busy show so he had to sneak photo opportunities wherever he could without getting in the way of the eager and enthusiastic listeners in every room, but he was most impressed with the breadth of equipment available and the great energy from both exhibitors and attendees alike.

 The sound from the Exposure room was enticing, plus Boswell couldn't resist the lighting!

The sound from the Exposure room was enticing, plus Boswell couldn't resist the lighting!

A lot of the rooms were dark spaces full of sound, not the best for photographs, but Naim and Dynaudio were making some great sounds. Still more exhibitors choose to have timed and structured demonstrations like KEF and B&W both showing off their technological advances in the world of loudspeakers.

 Boswell did have a chance to perch on the new Monitor Audio Studio speakers which were rather wonderful.

Boswell did have a chance to perch on the new Monitor Audio Studio speakers which were rather wonderful.

 Revel are now being handled in the UK by Arcam alongside Mark Levinson as part of Harman Luxury Audio.

Revel are now being handled in the UK by Arcam alongside Mark Levinson as part of Harman Luxury Audio.

 Quadraspire were so take with Boswell they even let him hold one of their new Q Plus isolation devices which are used when a rack is impossible or to further enhance performance on a rack

Quadraspire were so take with Boswell they even let him hold one of their new Q Plus isolation devices which are used when a rack is impossible or to further enhance performance on a rack

 Rega turntables have always been popular with the little bear and this years Record Store Day limited edition promises to be a corker!

Rega turntables have always been popular with the little bear and this years Record Store Day limited edition promises to be a corker!

Needless to say there was so much to see and hear that it is impossible to do it justice in a short blog. Let's just say the Sound & Vision - The Bristol Show should be on every enthusiasts list of must-attend events. There are some gems in every bedroom and you will often be left impressed and amazed by what you see and hear.

 Not only was Boswell very impressed by the Quad equipment on display especially the new Solus but he also had a chance to catch up with his old friend Paddington who travels with the lovely people from IAG. Now where did I put those marmalade sandwiches.

Not only was Boswell very impressed by the Quad equipment on display especially the new Solus but he also had a chance to catch up with his old friend Paddington who travels with the lovely people from IAG. Now where did I put those marmalade sandwiches.

The 2019 Sound & Vision - The Bristol Show is held from the 22nd to the 24th of February. You really should come along for a look, a listen, and possibly even purchase b(e)argain! Trust the bear from Brentwood he thoroughly recommends it. Hope to see you next year!