Rega Planar 8 Skelletal Turntable, So Much More Than Bare Bones!

A few years ago when Rega set out to build the ultimate turntable, they looked at completely new ways to create a plinth with massive stiffness and negligible weight. So a project was set up to develop and expand its existing engineering expertise and philosophy, also bringing in and developing technology from F1 and aerospace.



From this the Naiad record player was born - the only cost no object product the company has ever built. It’s something the company considers the ultimate representation of its engineering ideas when executed with little regard for cost or ease of manufacture. In other words, the best deck Rega knew how to make at that time, given that Rega technology continues to evolve today!

The Naiad pushed out the envelope of the engineering, creativity and the materials science knowledge of Rega Research. This broader expertise proved to be invaluable and has trickled down to the development of more affordable turntables. The first one to really benefit was the RP8 launched some five years ago. The ideas and learning from the Naiad project have been refined and taken further and the current beneficiary of approach is the Rega Planar 8. The Planar 8 design incorporates as many of the Naiad’s design elements as could be included in a production model at a sensible and certain price point.

Every aspect of the Planar 8 is engineered to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible. Rega have used the most advanced materials and engineering solutions built around a lightweight plinth to ensure the greatest level of performance.

The Planar 8 is a completely skeletal turntable and the idea is to minimise plinth mass whilst increasing rigidity. Rega’s philosophy is that mass absorbs energy and that ends up taking the life out of the music. The Planar 8 is constructed using an ultra lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core (a material developed for the aerospace industry). This material is sandwiched between two layers of HPL (high pressure laminate). HPL is exceptionally thin and extremely rigid. This new construction makes the new Planar 8 skeletal plinth 30% lighter than the original RP8 while offering increased rigidity over the previous model.

Rigidity is especially important between the tonearm mounting and main bearing, so Rega has added a phenolic brace between the two – thus adding strength without significantly increasing overall mass. These phenolic resin double braces are placed above and below the plinth where increased rigidity is required between the tonearm mounting and the main bearing, to ensure minimal movement between the two, thus forming a structurally sound “stressed beam” It thus increases accuracy in line with Rega’s criteria and turntable design philosophy of a “vibration measuring machine”. This rigid plinth design prevents energy absorption and unwanted resonances that would otherwise add unnatural distortions to the music.

Additionally, the plinth shape enables the means of fixing the arm-base, main bearing and motor, plus feet placed such that it stays secure when placed on a surface. There are three compliant feet to help absorb external vibrations.

Main Bearings
The main bearing has been redesigned with a single piece machined aluminium sub-platter and hardened steel spindle which sits in a brass housing  mounted in such a way to deter energy being transferred into the plinth. 

Motor and drive
The Planar 8 also features the latest generation 24v, synchronous, low vibration motor technology. Linking all these mechanical entities together is another innovation - EBLT Drive Belts. For three years Rega has been researching and developing with chemists the use of a bespoke new rubber compound for drive belts. Using a specialised curing system, the new drive belt offers superior consistency of modulus (a constant representing the degree to which a substance has a particular property, especially elasticity). These new belts are manufactured on Rega designed, state of the art, super-accurate tools which produce 'perfectly round' and 'dimensionally accurate' belts, critical for perfect speed stability.

Neo Power Supply To Turn On & Change Speed

Neo Power Supply To Turn On & Change Speed

Power Supply

Power is controlled by Rega’s Neo power supply, which is hand-adjusted to match the motor optimally and minimise vibration. The Neo PSU is standard and offers electronic, speed change, advanced anti-vibration control and user adjustable electronic fine speed adjustment to ensure total accuracy and control over the motor.

The platter is a beautiful thing. It’s made of three pieces,, designed in such a way as to add mass to the outer rim, creating  a flywheel effect to smooth out any small speed fluctuations. This three piece laminated glass platter is the result of collaboration with a British glass engineering company Pilkington and is constructed from two different types of high quality glass.

Planar 8 is fitted with the new RB880 arm that features an improved vertical bearing assembly constructed using an aluminium and stainless-steel, low mass assembly with vastly improved stability and rigidity. This tonearm is using Rega's advanced preloaded zero tolerance bearing assembly adjusted to less than 1000th of a mm, this gives friction free movement and zero levels of unwanted play. RB880 is then terminated with a low capacitance phono cable terminated with high quality, locking phono plugs to ensure the best possible connection

RB808 & Apheta 2 Exposed

RB808 & Apheta 2 Exposed

Decently Covered

Decently Covered

Rega haven’t left the P8 completely without protection from dust, a new acrylic cover is provided to simply lift off to play a record.

The Rega Planar 8 is available in four package versions. You can buy the deck without cartridge for £1699, but it can be equipped with the Exact moving magnet (+£210), Ania moving coil (£ 2199.00 inclusive) or with the Apheta 2 MC ( £ 2,439.00 inclusive) that we have on test here. The arm and table are capable of realising the benefits of a range or other high quality cartridges, provided, as always, the phono amplifier stage is of sufficient quality.

Set Up
Set-up is easy. In the case of the Rega cartridges, the cartridge is pre-mounted and its alignment is guaranteed via  Rega’s own three-point mounting system. All the user has to do is remove the packaging protecting the main bearing and arm, fit the tracking weight and set bias. The Apheta 2 tracks between 1.75 and 2 grams. Rega recommend 1.75 grams as a starting point.

The initial impression is that the Planar 8 it delivers a high level of level of clarity, depth and insight. The P8 and Apheta combination copes well with the music’s dynamics and changes in momentum. The presentation is insightful and organised with a high degree of composure. The Planar 8 always sounds in control no matter how complex the music becomes. Yet, that sense of control doesn’t water down the drive and excitement of the recording, (Groove Armada – Song 4 Mutya)

It is tonally well balanced. It’s smooth when required but still has enough bite when the music demands it. It has real solid authority and weight; the dynamics are powerful and unflustered. This is combined with stable and focused stereo imaging, rendering an expansive and finessed soundstage and locks instruments in place even when the production becomes dense. Image scale is good– the sound extending well beyond the edges of our reference Dynaudio Special 40’s.

While delivering each musical strand and intonation with clarity, it manages to bring everything together to produce a cohesive, enjoyable and tonally correct whole. Simply communicating the emotion in the music and performance is what the Rega does so well. One gets drawn in to listen to the music and the performance rather than the equipment

It has a glorious articulation with bass instruments that conveys punch, power and texture beautifully (Japan, Tin Drum – Talking Drum & Ghosts). The lows don’t over-dominate, but they do give a solid and deep underpinning for the rest of the frequency range to do its stuff. An articulate mid-range ensures that distinctive vocals come through with the intensity and insight they need. Highs are dynamic, balanced and not over explicit

The Rega P8 has a good sense of timing It brings a tonal neutrality and shape to music, with dynamic expressiveness, especially with the micro-dynamics that gives music a sense of “reality and performance.  Low-level detail resolution is also outstanding. This turntable is pitch stable and quiet allowing through a wide dynamic range and cohesiveness, with little extraneous noise to affect your perception and allow insight into the performance  (Ry Cooder – Bop Till You Drop).

The Rega Apheta 2 moving coil cartridge when connected to the Planar 8 provides an agile and responsive combination to help you experience vinyl as a high-performance format. Together they will play anything you throw at it and make sense of it all, whatever the complexity and dynamics of the music.

Undressed. (Minus Mat)

Undressed. (Minus Mat)

Rega aim for neutrality in engineering their record decks and essentially this turntable adds as little of its own character to the recording as possible. This means you hear a vast amount of whatever was laid down in the mastering studio or venue, every note and its nuance and shape making music vibrant and enjoyable. Insights and previously hidden or masked details emerge. Music sounds physically solid with a sense of detail, showing the depth and scale engineered in the studio, or imparted by the recorded venue, all with a remarkable realism.

Rega’s engineering ambitions have paid off. Rega has pushed the boundaries of performance at this level. The Rega Planar 8 has a remarkable ability to thrill, entertain and inform.

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Spendor A2. Good Things Really Do Come In Small Packages.

If your listening room is limiting your speaker choices and a floorstanding speaker seems to be out of the question, then Spendor may just have the ideal speaker for you. 

The A2, is a perfectly formed yet supremely compact floorstanding speaker that takes up less space than many bookshelf speakers!

Spendor Pictures 1.jpg

Priced at £1675 a pair, the A2 offers a real alternative to the plethora of quality stand mounted speakers available at this price point. With lovely clean, straight lines, a super compact footprint and a range of real wood veneer finishes, that include a traditional Black Ash, a Dark Walnut or a Natural Oak, the A2 not only looks good, it also sounds superb; but more on that in a moment. Standing a little over 2.5 feet tall the Spendor A2 is just 15cm wide and only 25cm deep, diminutive to say the least and as they are so compact this speaker is incredibly easy to integrate into your listening room.

By coincidence, our demonstration pair arrived a matter of days before we received our new Naim Supernait 3, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to run these two in together. Consequently we have been enjoying this peppy combination for the past two weeks, coupled with the Naim ND5 XS streamer as our primary source.

Spendor Pics 1.jpg

While the A2’s clearly are compact, it is clear from the first few notes of any song you select, the sound they produce is anything but small. As we have established with both the Spendor A4's and A7's, the drive-units integrate seamlessly and the A2's paint a big-audio-picture. While the soundstage produced is of the wide-screen variety, the A2’s compact dimensions mean that the low frequency drive unit isn’t very large;. in fact, it is the same drive unit that is specified for the A1 bookshelf speaker, measuring 150mm or 5.9 inch's. It stands to reason then that a driver of this size won't push that much air, particularly given the A2's cabinet size, but the beauty of such a small speaker is it requires less space around it to perform well, and most importantly, less space behind it. Using the rear wall to reinforce the bass output ensures that the A2 doesn't leave you feeling short-changed in any way, shape or form. When critically listening I played a range of Burial tracks, Sbtrkt's Pharaohs and even James Blake's, Limit to your Love, all of which were deliberately selected to get a sense of the depth of bass these little speakers can produce. And honestly, the results were outstanding. While it’s fair to say that the low frequencies aren't necessarily earth-shattering, what the A2's do deliver is a taut, tuneful and nuanced bassline with a sense of realism, nothing is overblown here but distinguishing between a bass guitar or electronic bassline is an easy task; no muddling, nothing is indistinct. Still, if you like your bass to go just a little deeper, a suitable subwoofer will fill in the missing elements below the 36hz the speakers are capable of delivering;  and of course, if your room is a little larger the Spendor A4 and A7 are ready, willing and able for a small increase in price!

Obviously the system we have been running them with is far from an entry level pairing, but we have often found the other Spendor's in the range exhibit an unfussy nature, tending to work well with any brand of electronics we choose. So we thought we might match them with Rotel’s new amplifier, the A11. Priced at £450, it delivers 50 watts of class A/B power, into an 8 ohms load, which is more than sufficient current to control the reasonably sensitive A2's and to cut a long story short, they pair beautifully, with the baby Spendor's delivering a lovely, rounded and mature sound despite the mismatch in the respective prices point of these two products.


We think the Spendor A2's are a superb speaker, definitely worthy of an audition. If you happen to be passing by, there a strong chance they will be playing in the background or alternatively, please contact the Swindon team and we will be happy to arrange a proper demonstration for you. Call Andy or Andrew at Audio T Swindon on 01793 538222, or just pop in and we would be very pleased to set them up for you.

Spendor loudspeakers are available from the following branches of Audio T :- Cardiff, Cheltenham, Portsmouth, Swindon

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Rega Aethos Amplifier And Another Major Product Launch With Diverse Vinyl Saturday 5th October

We will be unveiling the eagerly awaited Aethos, amplifier a brand new serious integrated amplifier based upon the Osiris and another major new product to be announced in early September.

Rob from Rega will lead this launch event, and you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to an album or three from the high quality vinyl selection provided by Paul of Diverse Vinyl.


Product details are sparse at this point, but these two new items are likely to ruffle some feathers and cause a stir! The Aethos prototype was first shown at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show earlier this year.

The Aethos amplifier!

The Aethos amplifier!

The rather tidy looking new Aethos amplifier packs a meaty 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms, remote control and a headphone socket to complement line level inputs. Rega decided not to include a turntable phono stage as with an amplifier at this level there are cartridge choices to be made between moving magnet and the potentially better moving coil types.

We anticipate having both the Aethos amplifier and the other new exciting new product on demonstration by the time of our event.

Do come and have a listen when it suits you at Audio T Brighton with Julian, Paul and John.

Rega Hi-Fi products are available from all branches of Audio T.

Two Cracking New Hi-Fi Products From Pro-Ject! The T1 Turntable And Stream Box S2

No one can accuse Pro-Ject of resting on their laurels when it comes to bringing out new products. We have just had two of the latest arrive with us in store: the Stream Box S2 miniature Hi-Res streamer and the T1 Phono SB turntable and they are both great performers and offer great value for money.

The little Stream Box S2 is an incredibly affordable and flexible way to dip your toe into music streaming.


This tiny box really is a marvel. it will handle 24/192 streams, has its own dedicated Android and IOS app and full Tidal integration.

Round the back of the  Stream Box S2  you’ll find fixed and variable analogue outputs, an optical output, line in, plus Ethernet and WiFi network connection.

Round the back of the Stream Box S2 you’ll find fixed and variable analogue outputs, an optical output, line in, plus Ethernet and WiFi network connection.

It really does sound incredibly good for the money seemingly equally at home with the funk of Janelle Monae and classic rock from Pink Floyd. The dedicated app works a treat and is intuitive to use.


There is the ability to use in a multi-room configuration or even to stereo pair two together with active speakers. All in all the Stream Box S2 is a fantastic product.

Next up we have the first in the T-Line series of Pro-Ject turntables: the T1


This extremely handsome turntable is available in three variants, standard, Bluetooth with phono stage built in, and built in phono stage with a speed switch.

The one pictured here is the T1 Phono SB (speed box) and this is the walnut finish. Other finishes for the T1 are white and black.

The  T1  has a beautiful frosted glass platter.

The T1 has a beautiful frosted glass platter.

The well built tonearm is fitted with an old favourite, the Ortofon OM5e cartridge.

The well built tonearm is fitted with an old favourite, the Ortofon OM5e cartridge.

Add to that the options of speed control or Bluetooth capability and it’s a range which will suit most people….oh and it sounds great too! Very clean and controlled with good resolution on all types of music.


It also looks great on our Hi-Fi Racks wall bracket in walnut.

We think Pro-Ject have come with a couple of winners here, why not come in and have a listen yourself.

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Take Note! Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage

Introducing the Gold Note PH-10, a phono stage that we love and we are sure you will too. The PH-10 phono stage makes good first impressions with its slick Italian design and attractive front display. Not only does it look great, more importantly it sounds great. We listened to a “Herbie Hancock” track which had a trumpet piece and it had never sounded so in the room. Gold Note have out done themselves - the Ferrari of phono stages!


It boasts a range of unique features such as the EQ curvature adjustment, as well as load and gain adjustments, allowing you to pair it up with your own cartridge (Moving magnet or moving coil) which in turn will ensure you are getting the best out of your turntable. Did we also mention that it’s the first phono stage with two inputs and 6 EQ curves in one box?


The Gold Note PH-10 doesn't stop there, it’s also upgradeable by adding on its own unique power supply called the Gold Note PSU-10, this allows the phono stage to breathe, adding noticeably more depth, a higher degree of musical realism and much more established dynamics. As it is not essential to run the PH-10 its a nice upgrade to consider for the future. Gold Note proudly, and rightly so, boast that they design, craft and assemble every single part of the unit, which clearly reflects in the final product, sonically and visually.


To conclude, the Gold Note PH-10 and power supply are a fantastic pair of units that can enhance the performance of a wide range of turntables. We can’t stop listening to them currently with our Linn LP12 Akurate

But don’t take our word for it, why not pop in store and we’d be delighted to show you!

Gold Note Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T: Bristol, Cardiff.

What's DAC All About? Chord Electronics Qutest DAC

With the rise of digital devices as source components, the DAC or (Digital to Analogue Converter) has moved from being a rather niche audiophile item to being an important component of a good sounding Hi-Fi system.

The original outboard converters such as the Arcam Black Box and Musical Fidelity Digilog were not particularly versatile devices, but then they didn't really need to be. Back then (in the late Eighties), the input to such devices was mainly provided by CD transports (or CD players) with the occasional requirement to decode the output from a DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recorder so the sampling rates that they could handle were limited to 44.1/48 kHz, and if you were lucky you got a phase invert switch – and that was pretty much it.

As digital technology moved onward and upward, some manufacturers started putting digital conversion circuitry in their amplifiers (thus providing digital inputs alongside the analogue ones) but this approach is generally not optimal as it means it is not usually possible to upgrade your DAC electronics separately from the main amplifier – some amps have DAC boards that can be swapped out but the practice of putting digital circuitry alongside relatively high powered analogue components can be problematic. For the best and most consistent results, moving the digital circuits out to a separate unit is a good thing - even though it does mean that an additional interconnect is required (and digital interconnects can make an audible difference).

Chord Electronics Qutest

Chord Electronics Qutest

So now in 2019 we have a plethora of DAC units available at various prices from a few pounds to a few tens of thousands of pounds and one of the companies which have forged a fantastic reputation in this area is Chord Electronics. This British company (based in Kent) has been gradually getting more and more recognition for its innovative devices, and one of the most lauded products in their fine catalogue is the Hugo 2 portable headphone amplifier which has quickly become a standard recommendation for headphone addicts. It also sounds superb in a static implementation, but as the feature set is largely focussed on portable use, it isn't the perfect unit for use at home. Enter the Chord Qutest.

Qutest - Rear View showing inputs and outputs

Qutest - Rear View showing inputs and outputs

I will refrain from regurgitating the raw specs here; suffice to say that the digital conversion goodness of the Hugo 2 is fully recreated here but some of the features more applicable to portable use such as battery power and adjustable cross-feed processing are removed. This means that the unit has all the essential features and nothing unnecessary.

Qutest - Top View

Qutest - Top View

Physically the Qutest is an unassuming black box (in a rather nice machined aluminium) with a couple of gaily coloured plastic balls inset (the colours change with function but you'll soon get to learn the sequence). Power is provided by a 5v USB power supply and the main feature of note is a switchable filter which you can use to adjust the sound and is entirely dependent upon your own personal taste – there's no right or wrong. One other very useful facility is the ability to set the line output level to 1, 2 or 3 Volts which is a major boon for system matching. Multiple switchable inputs are provided (on optical, BNC or USB connections) and finally the Qutest is compatible with the Chord Electronics M Scaler which can utilise the dual BNC connection to allow sampling rates of up to 768 kHz at 32 bit depth if upsampling is your thing.

Qutest in Full Colour

Qutest in Full Colour

So that's the boring stuff – how does it sound? If I were to sum up the sound of this little box in one word, that word would be 'precision'. It is masterful at placing musical events in context with everything else which makes it superb rhythmically – if you love music which relies heavily on subtle interplays of timing and rubato then this box will delight you. It's no slouch tonally either – the beauty and emotion of Miles' playing on 'My Funny Valentine' is there in full effect – and the tightness and rhythmic acuity of the DAC means you can fully appreciate the mind-boggling brilliance of Ron Carter and Tony Williams in the rhythm section too. The acoustic of Philharmonic Hall is very nicely rendered making for a really engaging experience.

Qutest - connected to power

Qutest - connected to power

In short, whether you need an upgrade for an ageing transport unit, or a state of the art switching device for multiple digital sources which will play all your Hi Res files (including DSD), consider the Chord Electronics Qutest. It can even be set up as a Roon Labs endpoint – but that's a subject for a future blog.

Come along and have a listen and we’ll take you step by step how to set it up and integrate it within your own Hi-Fi system,

Chord Electronics Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T: Brentwood, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Enfield, Manchester, Online, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, Reading, Southampton, Swansea, Swindon

Crimpin Ain't Easy! Say Hello To Crimp Chromey To Crimp Yo' Chord Co Cable With ChordOhmic Speaker Plugs

Yep that’s right, crimping truly isn’t easy, in fact it takes 15 Kilonewtons of pressure. That’s nigh on impossible with a hand tool. So we are proud to introduce the new electronic ChordOhmic Hex Gun tool.

Ohhhhhhh Yessss.

Oh wait, Chromey!! where are you going??

Oh wait, Chromey!! where are you going??

And i'm gonna tell you something, this crimpin' that I got in my blood, it came from a family tree. My granddaddy was a crimp. My great-great-great-granddaddy was a crimp. I'm talking 'bout crimpin' since been crimpin' since been crimpin'!

And i'm gonna tell you something, this crimpin' that I got in my blood, it came from a family tree. My granddaddy was a crimp. My great-great-great-granddaddy was a crimp. I'm talking 'bout crimpin' since been crimpin' since been crimpin'!

The ChordOhmic plugs.

The ChordOhmic plugs.

Here at Audio T Manchester we are now able to offer the new ChordOhmic Hex Gun method of terminating your cables. Using the recently introduced Ohmic speaker plugs we can now terminate the plugs using the high pressure crimp tool. Chord Co have worked on a 10 year project which now optimises the ChordOhmic plugs and silver plated copper to give a far superior long term connection over previous soldered connectors.

As a Chord Company dealer we have always offered factory spec terminations on our Chord cable ranges. Using a very expensive soldering iron and high quality solder, it's a service we have been proud to offer our customers for years. But now, having suffered inferior crimping methods in the past, the new machine from Chord is an absolute god send, (no more dislocated shoulders trying to use a hand powered tool).

Nice drain pipes Chromey.

Nice drain pipes Chromey.

Another great plus of offering crimp termination in store, it now lets us bypass the production line at Chord and terminate the cables in store to factory-quality terminations. Using the very smart trousers (seen modelled by Chromey above) to neatly finish the cable up to the ChordOmic plug or spade.


Chord have visited the store to train us how to use the Hex gun ( yes!! a HEX gun). And we are now fully trained in the ways of crimping.

Worryingly!! it's actually quite satisfying crunching down on a plug with 15 Kilonewtons of pressure!!


One of the advantages of the Hex Gun is the ability to take it out on custom installs such as home cinema or multi-room and terminate the cable to factory standards after the cable has been plastered away into a wall or ceiling. Very convenient indeed.


OK, so if you want your cables crimping up and upgrading to the new ChordOhmic plugs with a fresh pair of trousers, come along to the store and ask Munir, Dave, Mike, Haden and James about the Hex Gun!!.

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Diamond News! B&W 800 Series Arrives At Audio T Southampton!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been appointed stockists of B&W’s legendary 800 series speakers! It is a great honour to be one of the elite retailers entrusted with this flagship range, which are quite rightly lauded as amongst the finest speakers in the world.

800 D3 is the latest incarnation of these no compromise speakers, taking everything B&W learned from previous generations, and further refining to achieve even higher levels of transparency and musical performance. Nothing is left to chance. B&W’s fifty years of design development and engineering has resulted in a truly outstanding range of speakers, each capable of bringing music to life like no other.

In store, we already have the Prestige version of 805 D3, finished in simply stunning Santos Rosewood.


We also have the magnificent 804 D3 available for demo immediately.


They will soon be joined by 803 D3 and 802 D3. We can’t wait, having been bowled over by the remarkable effortless musicality of their smaller siblings in our dem room!

Watch this space for further updates. In the meantime, do call us to book a demo. You won’t be disappointed!

Alan, John and Wayne

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series loudspeakers are available from the following branches of Audio T: Bristol, Southampton

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The Primare I35 Prisma Streaming Amplifier - Not Too little, Not Too Much.

Primare being a Scandinavian company, have certainly incorporated the phrase “Logam” when designing the I35 Prisma. Logam means everything in perfect balance; not too little, not too much. This slick but powerful network integrated amplifier is a unit has been designed to deliver quality audio for everyone in the home.


Boasting a power of 150W into 8ohms, with the addition of a range of unbalanced and balanced inputs and outputs, the Primare I35 Prisma will provide clean cut instant amplification across the whole audio bandwidth. Contained inside the unit is a DM35 Digital to Analogue converter (DAC) that will enable 768khz/32 bit & DSD 256 conversion, so it can play the highest resolution music files you have.


What does Prisma mean you ask? Prisma is the high connectivity solution that will allow you to stream/play your music from any number of devices within the home. It will provide you with full multi-room compatability whether you wanted to choose stored music or a number of high quality streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal & Qobuz etc. The Prisma I35 features Chromecast connectivity, which means that different people can find their favourite track at a party, and play easily and reliably.

Primare Prisma I35 Streaming Amplifier Rear Inputs and Outputs

Primare Prisma I35 Streaming Amplifier Rear Inputs and Outputs

Primare have thought about a wide range of users when designing this modular range of amplifiers/network streamers. You can choose to have either an all analogue standard integrated I35 amplifier with no streaming. Or if you’d like music streaming, then simply go for the I35 with Prisma built in. Alternatively, you can go for the I35 DAC, that will give you DM35 DAC on board. The DM35 digital to analogue conversion and Prisma modules can be added at a later date and give you options to upgrade and further enhance the sound quality.

Prisma I35 front fascia.

Prisma I35 front fascia.

The Primare Prisma I35 Integrate Streaming amplifier offers a musical performance with depth, dynamics and a sound stage filled with life as well offering Scandinavian design chic, warmth and sophistication. We’d highly recommend an audition and we think this should be on the short list of anyone considering a one box hi-fi system. Call in or give us a call at Audio T Bristol, to arrange your personal demonstration.

Primare Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T: Brentwood, Bristol, Cheltenham, Manchester

New Naim Supernait 3 & Nait XS3 Arriving Soon.

We are very much looking forward to receiving our demonstration models of the new Naim Supernait 3 and Nait XS3 integrated amplifiers that are due at the end of July.

The illustrious heritage behind the Nait integrated amplifier range can pretty much guarantee the best possible sound and class leading performance, and is likely to be a worthwhile upgrade on the previous ‘2’ series amps, which themselves were exceptional within their sector!


A high quality phono stage is now included to connect a turntable, allowing the use of both Moving Magnet and high output Moving Coil cartridges.

Significant development of the power amplifier sections result in a more muscular sound.

Indeed, each component within the amplifiers has been scientifically examined as Naim’s R&D team look to capitalise on the opportunity to further enhance the Naim signature sound.

Supernait Cut Out.jpg

The Supernait 3 & Nait XS3 can be upgraded with external power supplies, power amplifiers and even cabling upgrades to get the best from all sources, if you so wish, and who wouldn’t?


Match these new amplifiers with suitable source components and speakers for what we expect to be a truly satisfying result.

Visit us at Audio T Brighton or ring 01273 609431 or email to explore Naim equipment.

Naim Hi-Fi is available at the following branches of Audio T: Brentwood, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Enfield, Manchester, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, Reading, Southampton, Swansea, Swindon