Cyrus Audio British Hi-Fi Products From Vinyl Replay To Digital Streaming

I recently visited Cyrus Audio's headquarters in Huntingdon near Cambridge and it was quite an experience. The company is run by a very dedicated team and have been producing high quality Hi-Fi components for over 30 years.

Cyrus one1.jpg

Their range now emcompasses everything from integrated amplifiers like the One pictured above, through pre-power combinations, DAC's, CD players and transports, and streaming solutions, plus the fantastic PSX-R2 power supply, which can be added to many of the units to further improve sound quality.

During the visit I watched the technicians build a Cyrus One and a Cyrus Signature Phono Stage (below) with meticulous care. This was followed by extensive quality control testing with a dedicated suite of computer programs.


Everything about their operation showed the great amount of care taken by the people there and the pride they have in the Hi-Fi products they produce. Cyrus also offer extensive upgrade paths for existing owners, always offering attractive pricing to help you get to the latest level of equipment.

Having recently bought a Cyrus Phono Signature for myself I have to admit to being a fan!


So all in all a Cyrus is a great British brand with a lot of solutions for the music lover. Their Signature (sic) half width casework makes them easy to accommodate and they make some very very beguiling music.

cyrus one2.jpg

Whether you are an existing owner looking to upgrade, or are completely new to Cyrus Audio brand, why not pop in and have a look, chat and a listen?

Chord Company And Cyrus Event At Brentwood

We're having a two day event showcasing Cyrus Audio products and Chord Company cables on the 4th and 5th of November.

We'll have a range of Chord Co. cables to show off alongside Cyrus electronics including the brand new Cyrus One amplifier.

We'll have multiple sources so feel free to bring some of your own music in whatever format, no cassettes or minidiscs please! We'll also have some nibbles and drinks available.

We'll look forward to seeing you.

Paul, Jason & Francis

Audio T Autumn Hi-Fi Extravaganza!

Summer (did I blink?)  may be starting to fade away but we have lots of exciting audio events planned this Autumn to keep our spirits up!

The evenings may soon be drawing in but that's just an excuse to play more music!  What can be better than a cosy evening at home, feet up with a glass of your favourite tipple, a log fire crackling in the hearth and your favourite tunes playing on a great hi-fi system.

To assist you with this goal we will be hosting a number of events showcasing some great hi-fi brands as well as demonstrating the massive improvements possible when attention is paid to signal and mains cabling and conditioning.

Event number one is 4pm - 8pm on Friday September 4th plus 10am - 6pm on Saturday 5th and will be all about the benefits of mains cabling and conditioning with Isotek products.  At least one Isotek technical expert will be on hand to explain the principles of their products and to demonstrate the clear and dramatic upgrades which can be made to any audio or visual system.  

Event 2 is a week later at the same times, i.e. 4pm - 8pm September 11th and 10am - 6pm Saturday 12th.  On this occasion we will be featuring range topping Cyrus Signature Hi-Fi components and The Chord Company interconnects and speaker cables including the awesome Sarum and Super Aray range!

Nick from Cyrus will be here with at least two Mono X 300 Signature power amplifiers, maybe four or, if we are really lucky, six to drive our PMC Twenty 26 speakers to audio perfection!  Matt from Chord will ensure that everything is connected with the best possible cables.

We take a (well-deserved?) break the next week to ensure that Event 3 is perfectly timed for the official launch of the Rega Queen turntable.  Friday September 25th is the day we can release the first of these much anticipated and eagerly awaited special record decks.

As if this isn't enough excitement we are delighted that Mark from Hundred Records in Romsey will be here during the evening of the 25th (6pm - 8pm) and all day Saturday 26th (10am - 6pm) running a pop-up record store with a selection of great vinyl for you to browse and buy, and, even better, if you confirm an order very soon, you may even be able to collect your brand new Rega Queen turntable and the stunning  Queen box set during the event!

Containing all 15 studio albums re-mastered by Bob Ludwig onto 18 different coloured 180g LPs with a 108 page hardback book of album intros, lyrics, quotes and photographs and memorabilia this is a must have for any Queen fan, music lover or vinyl collector.

Please be aware that both the Queen turntables and box sets are creating such a buzz that demand is exceptionally high and neither Audio T or Hundred Records can guarantee that orders will be available to collect on the 25th or 26th September.  All orders will be honoured and those placing orders the soonest stand the most chance of collecting during the event.

Rob from Rega will also be with us on the Saturday.  Get here early if you want a chance to buy LPs from Mark or Rob will beat you to it!  

We will have at least two great turntable based Rega systems running in store, including the mighty RP10 through Aria and Elicit R with our newly arrived RX5 speakers.  You really won't want to miss this event.

Finally, nudging into October Event 4 will be featuring Arcam with both James and technical expert Andy joining us to explain and demonstrate the stunning performance of their new G class amplification.  Our brand new arrival A29 plus A39, A49 and maybe even C49 and P49 will all be available to listen to.

Not only will Matt from Chord visit again to ensure that only the best Sarum cables link the Arcam components to our favourite PMC Twenty 26 speakers but we are delighted that Tom from PMC will also attend to answer any PMC queries.

All of this Arcam, Chord and PMC action will commence between 4pm - 8pm Friday 2nd October and continue during Saturday 3rd from 10am - 6pm

That's all for now!  Watch this space for further updates as the events evolve and unfold.

Best mark them in your diary now and don't forget to place any Rega Queen and box set orders as soon as possible!

See you soon,

Alan and John

P.S. There will be exclusive prize draws at each of these events.  Another good reason to come along!