Crimpin Ain't Easy! Say Hello To Crimp Chromey To Crimp Yo' Chord Co Cable With ChordOhmic Speaker Plugs

Yep that’s right, crimping truly isn’t easy, in fact it takes 15 Kilonewtons of pressure. That’s nigh on impossible with a hand tool. So we are proud to introduce the new electronic ChordOhmic Hex Gun tool.

Ohhhhhhh Yessss.

Oh wait, Chromey!! where are you going??

Oh wait, Chromey!! where are you going??

And i'm gonna tell you something, this crimpin' that I got in my blood, it came from a family tree. My granddaddy was a crimp. My great-great-great-granddaddy was a crimp. I'm talking 'bout crimpin' since been crimpin' since been crimpin'!

And i'm gonna tell you something, this crimpin' that I got in my blood, it came from a family tree. My granddaddy was a crimp. My great-great-great-granddaddy was a crimp. I'm talking 'bout crimpin' since been crimpin' since been crimpin'!

The ChordOhmic plugs.

The ChordOhmic plugs.

Here at Audio T Manchester we are now able to offer the new ChordOhmic Hex Gun method of terminating your cables. Using the recently introduced Ohmic speaker plugs we can now terminate the plugs using the high pressure crimp tool. Chord Co have worked on a 10 year project which now optimises the ChordOhmic plugs and silver plated copper to give a far superior long term connection over previous soldered connectors.

As a Chord Company dealer we have always offered factory spec terminations on our Chord cable ranges. Using a very expensive soldering iron and high quality solder, it's a service we have been proud to offer our customers for years. But now, having suffered inferior crimping methods in the past, the new machine from Chord is an absolute god send, (no more dislocated shoulders trying to use a hand powered tool).

Nice drain pipes Chromey.

Nice drain pipes Chromey.

Another great plus of offering crimp termination in store, it now lets us bypass the production line at Chord and terminate the cables in store to factory-quality terminations. Using the very smart trousers (seen modelled by Chromey above) to neatly finish the cable up to the ChordOmic plug or spade.


Chord have visited the store to train us how to use the Hex gun ( yes!! a HEX gun). And we are now fully trained in the ways of crimping.

Worryingly!! it's actually quite satisfying crunching down on a plug with 15 Kilonewtons of pressure!!


One of the advantages of the Hex Gun is the ability to take it out on custom installs such as home cinema or multi-room and terminate the cable to factory standards after the cable has been plastered away into a wall or ceiling. Very convenient indeed.


OK, so if you want your cables crimping up and upgrading to the new ChordOhmic plugs with a fresh pair of trousers, come along to the store and ask Munir, Dave, Mike, Haden and James about the Hex Gun!!.

Chord Company speaker cables and interconnects are available from the following branches of Audio T: Brentwood, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Enfield, Manchester, Online, Oxford, Portsmouth, Preston, Reading, Southampton, Swansea, Swindon

We're The Terminators! Chord Company Cables And Ohmic Speaker Plugs

We’ve bought a fancy new crushing machine from the Chord Company so we can terminate Chord cables with the new Ohmic plugs in exactly the same way as they do it at the Chord factory.

In the past Chord banana plugs were always soldered on with silver solder, but they recently brought out the Ohmic plugs that need to be crimped onto the cable, so I thought I’d do a blog going through the process of putting the plugs on.

First we assemble the tools.

Chord Cable Termination Gear

Chord Cable Termination Gear

The first stage is to strip back a section of the outer cable including the all important screen to reveal the the inner cables. It’s possible to use a knife and some fine wire cutters but our special tool is does a neater job and is much quicker. You just clamp it on and spin it around a few times.

Cable stripping tool number 1

Cable stripping tool number 1

Inner cables revealed.

Inner cables revealed.

Next slide on the special Trousers!

Shiny cable trousers!

Shiny cable trousers!

After the trousers have been fitted, the dielectric needs to stripped back to reveal the bare cable. Again we use a cable stripping tool, being very careful not to take off any strands of cable otherwise the plug can fall off.


Now comes the fun part, crimping the plug on with our fancy machine.

Pop the cover on the plug, and bingo!

Chord cables with Ohmic plugs

Chord cables with Ohmic plugs

All Chord Co loudspeaker cables up to Epic XL can now be terminated in the shop costing £92 a pair, plus the cable of your choice sold by the meter. We will happily change the plugs on your existing Chord cables as well, so don’t sell yourself short(s) with pants connections, take advantage of the great strides in cable technology! Groans….(Ed).

Chord Co cables and interconnects are available from all branches of Audio T.

It's Christmas Time And We Have Hi-Fi Gifts To Suit All Budgets!

We've got all sorts of Hi-Fi goodies in store for the music lover in your life to give as a major present, stocking filler, or just to treat yourself for Christmas!

Here's Boswell with a small selection for your perusal.

There's the new fabulous B&W P9 Signature headphones, a new level of sophistication from this renowned company

We have of course all of the other B&W headphones for you to try.

Or how about the fabulous Chord Mojo portable headphone amplifier and DAC currently available with a FREE leather carry case. (Offer ends 05-01-2017).

How about helping your system to fulfill its potential with a cable upgrade? We have a wide range from Audioquest  and The Chord Company

Non Christmassy colours are available!

Non Christmassy colours are available!

If you listen to your music on vinyl, there is also a wide variety of accessories for your turntable. From a little carbon fibre brush to keep your most prized needle sparklingly clean, through record cleaning brushes, new cartridges from Ortofon and Rega, and the wonderful Project VC-S record cleaning machine. We even have record players for under £200.

Of course we also have our full range of excellent electronics and speakers to choose from and don't forget our Big Red Sale Winter sale has started, so there are some fantastic savings to be made!

We'll take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you over the holiday period.

Paul, Francis, Jason and, of course, Boswell the bear. 

Audio T Brentwood 

01277 264730

Chord Company And Cyrus Event At Brentwood

We're having a two day event showcasing Cyrus Audio products and Chord Company cables on the 4th and 5th of November.

We'll have a range of Chord Co. cables to show off alongside Cyrus electronics including the brand new Cyrus One amplifier.

We'll have multiple sources so feel free to bring some of your own music in whatever format, no cassettes or minidiscs please! We'll also have some nibbles and drinks available.

We'll look forward to seeing you.

Paul, Jason & Francis

Come And Hear The New Cable Ranges From The Chord Company

Join us on Friday 30th September (12 noon - 5pm) and Saturday 1st October (10am - 4pm) at Audio T Oxford, when we will be running a music event featuring the new cable ranges from The Chord Company.

The Chord Company has been designing and producing cables for Hi-Fi and home cinema systems since 1985. Recently The Chord Company completely restructured its cable line-up, with new ranges, new additions and a simplified grouping system.

The Chord Company’s product portfolio now comprises seven distinct ranges, from the entry-level C-series, to the flagship, ChordMusic cables. The new ranges make it easy to discern between price points and performance levels and offers consumers a high-quality Chord cabling solution, regardless of budget.

So come and join us to take a trip through the new Chord Company cable ranges and see how this most cost-effective of upgrades can work wonders with your system.

We will be demonstrating new Interconnects, speaker cables, power leads and digital audio cables (coax & ethernet) from the C-Line range through to the Signature Range.

This is a great opportunity to hear how much you can improve the sound quality of your system in a friendly and informal way. It really is one of the most cost effective upgrades you can make to improve the sound quality of your Hi-Fi system that will have you rediscovering your entire music collection. Refreshments and snacks will be served. Over the two day event we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and also you will be able to borrow the cables to try at home in your own system. There will be exclusive special offers for attendees in over the two days.

We look forward to seeing you....Jon, Dom and Paddy.

Upcoming Musical Events at Audio T Oxford

We are running a whole series of musical events over the next few weeks:

Chord Company: Friday September 30th & Saturday October 1st.

Chord have introduced their biggest changes to their range of interconnects, speaker cables and mains leads. A representative from Chord will be on hand to guide you through the new ranges and offer advice on how best these can be utilised to transform your existing system. More details to follow shortly.

IsoTek Mains Conditioning: Friday November 4th & Saturday November 5th.

Are you hearing your Hi-Fi at its best? The answer is probably no. IsoTek will be showing you how to transform the sound quality by ensuring that the quality of the mains feed is uncorrupted. More details to follow.

Vinyl and Valves: Friday November 18th & Saturday November 19th.

Henley Designs will be bringing a selection of gorgeous Unison Research valve, valve hybrid amplifiers, CD spinners, plus some of the more exotic Pro-ject turntables. If you really like your music, you really should come along for a listen. More details to follow.

Upcoming November Events in Brentwood


We're having a few fun musical events/ open days in Brentwood during November.

On the 20th REL will be visiting with some BIG subwoofers to show how much can be gained by adding those lower registers to both HiFi and home cinema systems. We'll also have the projector room set up with a Dolby Atmos system for your delight and delectation. This will run in store from 12 noon until 8PM, be sure to come along and prepare to be impressed.


Then on the 27th we will have systems from KEF, The Chord Company, Chord Electronics and Project running again from 12 noon until 8PM. Chord Electronics are promising some meaty amps (alongside current favourites like the Hugo and Qute DACs) to drive the Blade 2 from KEF. There will also be some new KEF Reference speakers, Chord Company Tuned Aray cables and one of the top flight Project turntables for some vinyl delights.

And speaking of vinyl delights don't forget our Vinyl Saturday on the 15th with the guys from Diverse Vinyl


We're looking forward to seeing you and tempting you with some wonderful sounds and equipment....and maybe a bargain or two!

See you then


Paul, Francis, and Boswell

Chord Company Training Day, A Riot Of Colour And Sound

Francis and I were invited down to the Chord Company factory in Salisbury to see all the efforts that go in to making some of the best cables around.

The day started with a good old fashioned chat with the cable guru himself: Nigel, then a trip round the factory to see all the processes involved in hand terminating and testing the interconnects and speaker cables. This culminated in them letting us loose with the soldering irons and cutters to experience actually terminating cables ourselves. With a deep respect for the skills of Mike and the Chord workshop elves and an amazement at the attention to detail and accuracy of the work we headed off, without burned fingers!, to a great in house lunch cooked by the lovely Gillian.

The afternoon was spent with Matt who took us through a structured dem of the whole Chord range, I'm sure many of you will have seen him do this at The Bristol Show, but it is always a revelation how much more could be heard every time the next cable up was inserted into the reference system. It's not just the physical cables that are brightly coloured, they reveal layer upon layer of tonal colour as you go up the range.


After a good afternoon's listening we left with a much deeper appreciation, both of the effort that goes into the creation of these cables, and the effect they can have on a system. The other thing that really struck home about the Chord company is that it is full of genuinely nice people who care about what they do, and just as importantly are passionate about music!

So nice were they, that they even had a surprise for Boswell Bear which he is thrilled about!

Chord Electronics, Chord Company, and PMC Only A Week To Go!

Hi all

Just a reminder that our musical two channel Hi-Fi event featuring three of the UK's premier manufacturers will be taking place next Thursday between 12 and 7.30PM.

Make sure you come along to hear some sublime sounds.

and don't forget we'll be offering discounts on any orders placed on the day.

Look forward to seeing you.

Paul and Danny

PMC, Chord Electronics, and Chord Co. Cables Come Together

Come and join us on the 26th of September for a feast of music delivered by some of the best equipment the UK has to offer.

We will be marrying together PMC loudspeakers, Chord Electronics, and Chord Co. cables for your delight and delectation.

PMC will have the Twenty series and the new (and rather wonderful) Fact 12

Chord Electronics will have the awesome SPM 1400 monoblocks, DSX1000 streamer and CPA5000 pre-amp. Along with examples of their Chordette range and more.

The Chord Co. will be linking all of this together with their usual flair and great cables including some of the new Tuned ARAY cables.

Come and join us for some music, some fun, and some great equipment, we will be offering a discount on purchases from the three manufacturers on the day. We start at 12.00 mid-day and go on to 7.30PM.

Give us a call 01277 264730

Paul and Danny