REL Acoustics / Project Turntable Open Day

On Thursday December 11th we will be holding a REL Acoustics and Project open day. Representative of both companies will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

We will be demonstrating the benefits of a REL sub woofer in a conventional Hi-Fi system in our upstairs demonstration room. The REL Subwoofer will be using the Long Bow Wireless transmitter. This offers wireless connectivity with no compromise in sound quality.

In our downstairs demonstration room we will be demonstrating the stunning new Dolby Atmos Home Theatre system (See Previous Blog) utilising two REL Sub woofers and nine surround speakers in Dolby Atmos 7.2.2 configuration.

The systems being used will be as follows:

Upstairs Hi Fi Demonstration Room

  • Project Signature Turntable (£7K)
  • Ortofon Anna Moving Coil Cartridge (£5K)
  • Project Phono Box RS
  • Primare I32 Amplifier
  • Spendor S3/5R3 Stand Mount Loudspeakers
  • REL S3 Sub Woofer

Downstairs AV Demonstration Room

Read more about Dolby Atmos

This promises to be a highly enjoyable and informative day.

Tea and Coffee will be in abundance (Maybe even biscuits)

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th December

Jon & Farid

Upcoming November Events in Brentwood


We're having a few fun musical events/ open days in Brentwood during November.

On the 20th REL will be visiting with some BIG subwoofers to show how much can be gained by adding those lower registers to both HiFi and home cinema systems. We'll also have the projector room set up with a Dolby Atmos system for your delight and delectation. This will run in store from 12 noon until 8PM, be sure to come along and prepare to be impressed.


Then on the 27th we will have systems from KEF, The Chord Company, Chord Electronics and Project running again from 12 noon until 8PM. Chord Electronics are promising some meaty amps (alongside current favourites like the Hugo and Qute DACs) to drive the Blade 2 from KEF. There will also be some new KEF Reference speakers, Chord Company Tuned Aray cables and one of the top flight Project turntables for some vinyl delights.

And speaking of vinyl delights don't forget our Vinyl Saturday on the 15th with the guys from Diverse Vinyl


We're looking forward to seeing you and tempting you with some wonderful sounds and equipment....and maybe a bargain or two!

See you then


Paul, Francis, and Boswell

Arcam, REL & The Chord Company Enfield Store Event

  Join us on the 16th & 17th of November as we showcase Arcam's superb 450 & 750 AVRs! If that isn't enough, we will be demonstrating how these two highly respectable systems can be improved further by using Chord Co. Tuned ARAY cables for music & REL Subwoofers for music & movies.

  We will be kicking off with Arcam's AVR450, BDP300 & irDAC partnered with KEF speakers. The Chord Co. Chorus Reference will be replaced with the Signature Tuned ARAY...

  Then followed by REL's Awesome T-7 & the discrete on wall Habitat1.

  We will then move on to Arcam's Flagship AVR the AVR750, BDP300 & D33 partnered with B&W speakers.(where the all New CM10's will be making an appearance!)

  This time The Chord Co. Anthem Reference will be replaced by the Indigo Tuned ARAY...

  REL's R328 will also join the party, followed by the monster that is REL's G-2!

  So whether you're interested in Arcam's new AVRs, what Chord Tuned ARAY is all about, to find out what performance gains come from using REL subwoofers, to listen to the new B&W CM10's, or to nibble on some lovely cheeses & drink fine wine : p book a place and come on down.

  There will be a prize draw for one lucky winner who books and attends the event, for the chance to win the fantastic Arcam rBlink!


 Me,John & Jason look forward to seeing you

Please contact us either by phone or email to book a place

The bookable slots on both days are as follows:
11:00 - 12:00
12:30 - 1:30
2:00 - 3:00
3:30 - 4:30
5:00 - 6:00

Audio-T Enfield
Tel: 0208 367 3132