It's Christmas Time And We Have Hi-Fi Gifts To Suit All Budgets!

We've got all sorts of Hi-Fi goodies in store for the music lover in your life to give as a major present, stocking filler, or just to treat yourself for Christmas!

Here's Boswell with a small selection for your perusal.

There's the new fabulous B&W P9 Signature headphones, a new level of sophistication from this renowned company

We have of course all of the other B&W headphones for you to try.

Or how about the fabulous Chord Mojo portable headphone amplifier and DAC currently available with a FREE leather carry case. (Offer ends 05-01-2017).

How about helping your system to fulfill its potential with a cable upgrade? We have a wide range from Audioquest  and The Chord Company

Non Christmassy colours are available!

Non Christmassy colours are available!

If you listen to your music on vinyl, there is also a wide variety of accessories for your turntable. From a little carbon fibre brush to keep your most prized needle sparklingly clean, through record cleaning brushes, new cartridges from Ortofon and Rega, and the wonderful Project VC-S record cleaning machine. We even have record players for under £200.

Of course we also have our full range of excellent electronics and speakers to choose from and don't forget our Big Red Sale Winter sale has started, so there are some fantastic savings to be made!

We'll take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you over the holiday period.

Paul, Francis, Jason and, of course, Boswell the bear. 

Audio T Brentwood 

01277 264730

The Audioquest Nighthawk Headphones have arrived

We've just taken delivery of the new Audioquest Nighthawk headphones for demonstration.

They are crammed full of high technology and beautifully presented in sumptious packaging.

Even the leather case has a tooled logo

 and the headphones are securely nestled inside

They come with two leads, one of an exceptionally high quality as we would expect from Audioquest, and one which is more suited to repeated coiling and travel use.

With earcups made from "liquid wood" and biocellulose drivers there's more than a nod to the organic world, but this is coupled with the forefront of modern technology and materials, including a 3D printed component in the biomimetic grille!

So how do they sound?

Well the simple answer is vanishingly beautiful. They are very very natural, and don't seem to impose too much character of their own on the soundstage. Lovely controlled bass and very sweet treble combine to make a relaxing and revealing listening experience. 

Boswell just wishes they came in teddy-size

Available at the following Audio T Stores - BrentwoodBrightonBristolCheltenhamCheltenhamEnfieldOnlineManchesterPortsmouth and Swansea, Please check with your nearest store for availability before travelling.

Heed, KEF and AudioQuest Come To Brentwood!

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding another two channel stereo Hi-Fi event and this time we will be showcasing Heed amplification, KEF loudspeakers and AudioQuest cables and interconnects.

Separated over three rooms we will be running the following set ups:

Heed's award winning Obelisk Integrated with the DT Transport. Another transport with a Pre and PS (Stereo Power Amp) and PM (Mono Power Amp). Thrown into the mix will also be the DA (DAC) which we will be using with a laptop to show off what an asynchronous DAC can do!

And for vinyl heads we will be using the infamous Quasar Questar MM/MC phono stage with a Michell GyroDec in our bigger system and the Rega RP6 in our smaller system.

KEF will be showing off their fantastic Reference range with a pair of 203/2's in the bigger of the dem rooms and then using the R range through out the rest of the systems. As well as one of our personal favourites the LS50!

AudioQuest will be joining these systems all together with their many RCA balanced interconnects, speaker cables, USB, Mains cables and more!

The event will be held on Thursday 7th November and will from 12 midday to 7.30pm that evening.

As always feel free to bring along some of your own music. Tea and cake as always will be on offer so even if you fancy listening to some good music through a fantastic system and want some free cake then be our guests.

There will be 10% OFF any orders placed on the day so if you're looking to upgrade that will be the time to do it!!

Anymore enquiries contact us on 01277-264730 or

Thanks again

Danny & Paul

What's DAC All About?

At Audio T we are amazed at how much a decent digital to analogue converter (DAC) can make to the resulting sound quality of music and film.

The DAC is a clever micro chip that converts analogue signals such as speech or in this case a music recording or a film soundtrack into a digital signal that can be amplified and then sent to your loudspeakers.

Your CD player, in car players, iPod, and some extent newer digital amplifiers often have DAC's built in however these vary greatly and are often of low quality. 

An audiophile grade dedicated and purpose built DAC can make a huge difference to the resulting sonic output and overall sound quality! 

At Audio T we have a wide range of DAC's that suit different applications and are designed to enhance your listening pleasure. 

Why not come in and hear the difference it can make to your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system.
Here are some of the Hi-Fi brands we have available in store for for you to listen to: Rega DAC, Audioquest Dragonfly DAC, Naim DAC's Arcam DAC's, Audiolab DAC's, Chord DAC's

We would always suggest you contact your local store and check availability before travelling. 

If you're interested in the technicalities then you can read more on Wikipedia 
*Image reproduced courtesy of Texas Instruments.