Audioquest Jitterbug, Possibly the Best £39 You'll Ever Spend!

This little device produces amazing results for very little outlay.

It kind of does exactly what it says on the packaging. Use it on any audio device attached to your system whiich has a USB input and the sound will demonstrably improve.

We've been plugging it in everywhere, even into the USB on a Naim Mu-So and it always has an effect.

And you can parallel them up for an even greater result.

Come and have a listen to the Jitterbug to hear what it can do for your Hi-Fi. You can even borrow it from us to have a listen to at home!

And as you can see it's tiny.

So call in, or give us a call on 01277 264730, you will be surprised what the Audioquest Jitterbug can do.

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