Heed, KEF and AudioQuest Come To Brentwood!

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding another two channel stereo Hi-Fi event and this time we will be showcasing Heed amplification, KEF loudspeakers and AudioQuest cables and interconnects.

Separated over three rooms we will be running the following set ups:

Heed's award winning Obelisk Integrated with the DT Transport. Another transport with a Pre and PS (Stereo Power Amp) and PM (Mono Power Amp). Thrown into the mix will also be the DA (DAC) which we will be using with a laptop to show off what an asynchronous DAC can do!

And for vinyl heads we will be using the infamous Quasar Questar MM/MC phono stage with a Michell GyroDec in our bigger system and the Rega RP6 in our smaller system.

KEF will be showing off their fantastic Reference range with a pair of 203/2's in the bigger of the dem rooms and then using the R range through out the rest of the systems. As well as one of our personal favourites the LS50!

AudioQuest will be joining these systems all together with their many RCA balanced interconnects, speaker cables, USB, Mains cables and more!

The event will be held on Thursday 7th November and will from 12 midday to 7.30pm that evening.

As always feel free to bring along some of your own music. Tea and cake as always will be on offer so even if you fancy listening to some good music through a fantastic system and want some free cake then be our guests.

There will be 10% OFF any orders placed on the day so if you're looking to upgrade that will be the time to do it!!

Anymore enquiries contact us on 01277-264730 or brentwood@audio-t.co.uk

Thanks again

Danny & Paul