The KEF R300's Rock!

Any great speaker starts with a strong inert cabinet, the R300 has just that. The R range uses a clever geometry and internal bracing which KEF quote "optimises vibrational behavior, reducing secondary radiation from cabinet walls for a cleaner sound."  Damping panels are also used to reduce cabinet resonance and colouration.

The R300 uses KEF's marvellous all new Uni-Q driver array, capable of producing a truly immersive, wide & open soundstage, that is both clean and accurate. The R300's are easy to listen to and don't fatigue your ears over long periods of time.

The R300 shares a single 165mm bass driver found in the floor standing R700's . Now to say that a single 165mm bass driver isn't enough would be a lie. The R300's sound powerful... like floor-stander powerful! I really like the simplicity of having the 3-way designed cross over that utilises each driver to play each major frequency separately (treble, mid-range, & bass). This allows the R300's to sound fast & controlled over all frequencies but particularly in the bass, rather than sacrificing definition & texture for all out bass extension.

I'm a big fan of floor standing speakers or more over a speaker that can play a  wide frequency range, particularly lower frequencies. Not just because I like bass (I do, but that's not the point). The point is I believe you obtain more realism. The R300's really hit the spot! For anyone who thinks they need floor-standers for a big sound, or if you're looking to down size from floor standing speakers & still want to hold on to that lovely bass extension, then audition the R300's . You may be pleasantly surprised.


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