Vinyl Roadshow returns to Manchester........


On Saturday 12th October Audio T Manchester will be holding a record store day. Diverse Vinyl will be setting up a record shop right here on our shop floor, giving you the chance to browse through a selection of some of the best 180 gram pressings available and re-issues of classic vinyl as well as a cross section of the rest of their stock. There will also be records available on Diverse Vinyl's own label, Diverse Records.

Rega Research will be here to help and advise you on turntables and to show off the amazing RP8 turntable with the incredible Osiris amplifier. Rega will also be bringing along a pair of RS10 speakers. The Chord Company will supply all the cable needed to connect everything together and will also advise on correct set up using their cables and demonstrate the difference between interconnects.  

 We can also carry out a free health check on your  turntable and offer 10% discount on parts *

*depending on demand, you may have to leave your turntable with us for a few days.


See contact list below.

Audio-T Manchester

Diverse Vinyl

Diverse Records

Rega Research

The Chord Company

Alternatively you can contact Dave,Munir, Mike or Kev at the store on 0161 8398869