Upcoming Musical Events at Audio T Oxford

We are running a whole series of musical events over the next few weeks:

Chord Company: Friday September 30th & Saturday October 1st.

Chord have introduced their biggest changes to their range of interconnects, speaker cables and mains leads. A representative from Chord will be on hand to guide you through the new ranges and offer advice on how best these can be utilised to transform your existing system. More details to follow shortly.

IsoTek Mains Conditioning: Friday November 4th & Saturday November 5th.

Are you hearing your Hi-Fi at its best? The answer is probably no. IsoTek will be showing you how to transform the sound quality by ensuring that the quality of the mains feed is uncorrupted. More details to follow.

Vinyl and Valves: Friday November 18th & Saturday November 19th.

Henley Designs will be bringing a selection of gorgeous Unison Research valve, valve hybrid amplifiers, CD spinners, plus some of the more exotic Pro-ject turntables. If you really like your music, you really should come along for a listen. More details to follow.