Happy New Year!!

Firstly we would like to wish all our customers, past and present, a Happy New Year.


2014 was a great year for us and our suppliers with a host of fabulous new

products, many achieving awards.


Highlights include:


Two new products from Rega, the Elex-R amplifier and of course their new flagship turntable, the RP10.

Naim Audio introduced their first ever all-in-one music player, the mu-so, by far the best sounding product of its type and already a big success.

They have also now added Spotify Connect on all their network players and Uniti products which also now feature Bluetooth connectivity.


Chord Electronics Hugo has been a true ‘game changer’, a remarkable product which has been applauded the world over. Now available in black.

Chord Hugo, now also available in silver.


Neat Accoustics loudspeakers, especially the Motive range, has proven to be one of our best sellers last year, a perfect complement to our amplifier range.


The Well Tempered Versalex turntable. A truly awesome product thanks to its fresh design and engineering.

 Well Tempered Versalex


So, what can one expect from us in 2015?


Well, firstly we are delighted to announce the introduction to our loudspeaker portfolio of Shahinian Loudspeakers from the USA. These highly exclusive speakers offer a somewhat different perspective from the norm that we know many will enjoy.

We  intend a more detailed blog post soon.

Shahinian Compass 2

Compass 2

Shahinian Arc 2

Arc 2

There are a few other significant announcement coming soon, we’ll keep you posted.