Quad Vena Integrated Amplifier and Audio Technica AD900x/700x/500x

Quad Vena

This great new product from Quad features a 45watt per channel amplifier and oodles of connectivity options. You get coaxial, optical, Bluetooth(aptX) and USB inputs which are dealt with by a high resolution 24 bit 192 khz dac. You also get the usual RCA analogue inputs plus a pre out (which you could use to feed your old quad power amp bringing it into the modern age). It sounds great and looks the part especially in the red vaneer, gloss black and gloss white finishes. These finishes retail at £699.95. It is also available in Lancaster grey for £100 less. It is a great buy whichever finish you choose.

Audio Technica ATH AD900x, 700x and 500x.

These are very reasonbly priced for the level of performance you get £315, £195, and £150 respectively.

These open backed audiophile headphone are delightful to listen to. They sit extremely comfortably on the head feeling like they are not there. Well worth auditioning if you are after a set of headphones at this price point.