Preston Welcomes Linn Products And The New Linn Selekt DSM Music System

Here at Preston we are proud to welcome thw world reknowned Linn Products brand to our branch with their newest product, the Selekt DSM streamer.

top inc rem.JPG

There are four different versions of the Selekt DSM available, starting with a dedicated streamer to an all in one which incorporates their Katalyst DAC. We have in store and ready for demonstration the Selekt DSM streamer including amplifier which is a delight to operate as much as it is to listen to.

rear spk.JPG

The digital inputs give you two optical, two coaxial, a USB and HDMI for all your digital connection needs. The Selekt DSM range are music streamers, which gives you access to any music that you have stored on your home network via UPNP up to 24 bit 192khz high resolution and any of the thousands of internet radio stations from anywhere in the world using Tune-in radio.


It also has Tidal and Qobuz lossless music streaming *services (*subscription required) built in, all of which can be selected and controlled by using the Linn control app that is available for your Apple and Android smart device which you can download from the app store.

Linn control app.

Linn control app.

Within the set up procedure Linn use a very useful tool called Space optimisation, which is part of the Linn set up software that is installed from the their website onto a PC or laptop.

Main volume control

Main volume control

The Linn Selekt DSM software gives you the opportunity to input your listening room dimensions as well as features in the room to optimise the sound quality for your room. In this set up you can choose from a seemingly endless list of speaker manufacturers and models enabling you to get the very best sound from this system in almost any domestic setting.

Ir remote

Ir remote

Come on in and have a listen. We look forward to demonstrating it to you.

Ian, Gavin & Andy - Audio T Preston.

Linn Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T:
Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Oxford, Preston, Swindon

More Glowing Delights thanks to Ming Da

Following on from the Unson Research Sinfonia we now have the Ming Da Dynasty Cadenza Grande warming up (in) the dem room


This is a true beast of a valve integrated amplifier switchable between 110W in ultra-linear mode and 50W in triode operation.



Using KT120 output valves and equipped with a remote control and wonderful retro VU metres this amp will drive almost any speaker. And it sounds magnificent. We've had it running with the new B&W CM10 S2 which is a very happy combination, the soundstaging is expansive and the detail and resolution superb. 


there is a cover for the valves in perspex should there be any equiring fingers, or paws, that need to be kept safe, and also options for an internal DAC and for electronic bias control. Oh and it weighs a ton!

Definitely one to hear, so try to pop in while we have it here.

There's a glow in the Dem Room coming from the Unison Research

We've just been loaned the Unison Research Sinfonia valve integrated amplifier for a few days

Of course we couldn't wait to get this beauty out of the box and running

In the dem room with the  Michell Gyro SE, Orotofon Quintet Bronze, Project Phono Box RS and powering Focal Electra 1028Be speakers it sounds just glorious!

The Sinfonia is a dual mono, single ended output amplifier running at 25W output and provided the speakers are relatively efficient you're not going to want for volume or power


Just a few more pics to impress and of course Boswell had to get in on the act, plus the transformers are nice and warm!!



Just  a pity I can't get a good picture of that beguiling glow!!