There's a glow in the Dem Room coming from the Unison Research

We've just been loaned the Unison Research Sinfonia valve integrated amplifier for a few days

Of course we couldn't wait to get this beauty out of the box and running

In the dem room with the  Michell Gyro SE, Orotofon Quintet Bronze, Project Phono Box RS and powering Focal Electra 1028Be speakers it sounds just glorious!

The Sinfonia is a dual mono, single ended output amplifier running at 25W output and provided the speakers are relatively efficient you're not going to want for volume or power


Just a few more pics to impress and of course Boswell had to get in on the act, plus the transformers are nice and warm!!



Just  a pity I can't get a good picture of that beguiling glow!!