Focal Sopra N1 Loudspeakers Now Playing At Audio T Manchester.

Here at Audio T Manchester we are proud to announce our newest arrivals, the Sopra N1 & N2 speakers from Focal. 

Sopra: A musical instruction meaning above.

Focal loudspeakers have become synonymous with the progress and development of 'High End' loudspeaker technologies; the world famous 'Utopia' range refining and re-developing the very heart of drive unit and cabinet technologies.  Composite sandwich cones, pure beryllium tweeters, multi-ferrite magnets, sophisticated crossover circuits and very rigid cabinet structures. The Sopra loudspeaker draws on all of this technological heritage.

Above: The Sopra N1 taking pride of place on our showroom floor.

Below: Chromey claims he hand built the N1's himself in Bourbon-Lancy, France, ahem!!

The Sopra woofers use a specially developed 'Neutral Induction Circuit' magnet /motor system, which neutralises distortion, and helps extend the speakers dynamic range. While a 'Tuned Mass Damper' system further reduces distortion, again, widening the dynamic range, all together with Focal's patented “W” sandwich constructed loudspeaker cone.

The W cone was created for the Focal Grande Utopia of 1995

Beryllium is formed in to a hallmark Focal inverted dome tweeter diaphragm. This is fitted in to the cabinets 'Infinite Horn Loading system, which exits to the rear of the cabinet, as modeled by our “Chromey” in our top picture. This loads the delicate diaphragm superbly, reducing distortion and extending tweeter range.

Learn more about Beryllium tweeter technology here.

Of course the construction is unique. Mixed materials are used in the complex low resonant cabinet, and therefore low distortion design. Glass can be seen on top of the cabinet, but this is also used at the base. At its thickest, 69mm sandwich wood construction is used. There are no parallel sides, no reflective surfaces internally, creating a 'tabula rasa' for the equally sophisticated drive units to perform at their best.

The unique injected polyurethane tweeter housing allows for the cabinet to be inclined towards the listener, for precise "Focus Time" (where the loudspeakers drive units are all equidistant from the listener for precise sound conversion).

Cabinet finish is flawless, with the choice of walnut veneer and cool lacquers in red, white, orange and black. Sopra makes a statement in style as well as exquisite sound.

The glass base on the N1 stands.

Adjusting the speaker stand is an absolute joy, with the beautifully machined and very handy speaker spikes, leveling the stand is a breeze. 

The sound is wide open and highly transparent – with a wide open frequency response and a massive dynamic range, even for a relatively 'small' loudspeaker.  

Both the bookshelf Sopra No.1 and floor-standing Sopra No.2 are on demonstration in our Manchester store now.

We also have the Focal Sopra N2 playing on the showroom floor. The Audio T website also has some details of the Sopra's here.

So, pop in, grab a seat and ask Dave,Munir, Mike or Haden to turn up the volume.

Focal Hi-Fi products are also available from the following branches of Audio T: BrentwoodBrighton