Bring Your Vinyl Back To Black With The Project VC-S Vinyl Cleaner

The Project VC-S Vinyl Cleaner has just arrived in store at Audio T Brentwood.

It's a purposeful looking machine which will leave your treaured albums or charity shop finds sparkling like new.

Step 1 - First the record is placed between the clamping platter (which also protects the record label from any fluid)

Step 2 - Then a few drops of the proprietary cleaning fluid are spread over the surface using the goats hair brush.

Step 3 - Place the vacuum arm over the record, start the motor turning, switch the vacuum on and cover your ears!

The vacuum arm removes the cleaning fluid and with it, the grime from the record. It is quite noisy, but then this type of machine often is. It does however do a remarkable job of removing grime, dust, and fingerprints from a record. We tried it on a battered old copy of "Famous Blue Raincoat" and the difference was remarkable!

At only £299 it is very good value and worth investing in for all you vinyl addicts out there. We will also offer a cleaning service for small numbers of records, please don't bring in hundreds at a time!!

Why not come in and see the Project VC-S in action 

Pro-ject Hi-Fi products are also available from the following branches of Audio T: BrentwoodBristol