Clearaudio Turntables At Audio T Portsmouth

Due to the massive interest in vinyl we have decided to expand our turntable selection, to include quality German brand Clearaudio. Everything about a Clearaudio turntable says quality engineering right down to the excellent packaging.

The entry level turntable is the Concept, but at £995 for the model with a moving magnet cartridge.

It is also possible to get the Concept turntable with a moving coil cartridge for £1395. Clearaudio do not supply a lid for their turntables so you may want to budget for the appropriate cover.

Next in the range is the Performance DC. Also available in two versions, with a high quality Moving Magnet cartridge (£2495) and for only slightly more a Moving Coil cartridge (£2595).

Having listened to the Performance DC with both the Moving Magnet cartridge and Moving Coil cartridge, we prefered the Moving Coil cartridge for an extra £100. The Moving Coil offers a more musical and engaging experience in our opinion, whilst retaining the excellent clarity, detail and accuracy of the Moving Magnet cartridge.

If you fancy a listen to the Clearaudio turntables we have the Performance DC (MC cartridge) and Concept (MM cartridge) on demonstration.

Clearaudio Hi-Fi products are available from the following branches of Audio T: CheltenhamOxford