Audio T Exclusive From Mark Travis Audio Ltd

It is not very often that we get to have an exclusive peek at a new product, especially when it is the debut product from a emerging manufacturer breaking into the Hi-Fi market. We are very lucky to have on our doorstep Mark Travis Audio Ltd.

Mark has been an electronics engineer  for over 25 years and has always had a passion for music. Over the last 18 months Mark has been able to combine the two and with the help of a skilled and dedicated team they have produced their first product, a high end valve moving magnet phono pre-amp.

The RIAA Phono Pre-amp is hand built to the highest of standards using some of the best components available including 3 Mulard 12AX7 - CV4004 valves. On the back of the pre-amp you will find RCA sockets that can be changed to balanced sockets if required, also 4 impedance selector switches which allow variable cartridge loading from 8.09K Ohms to 150K Ohms.

The first things that we noticed outside of the pleasing on the eye design and outstanding build quality was the IEC mains socket allowing you to use a high quality mains cable if desired. Add to that the flexibility of choosing either RCA sockets or XLR for a balanced connection and you will soon see how it is possible to unleash the full potential of this great little unit. The performance of the RIAA Phono Pre-amp is overall very pleasing and leaves you wanting to listen, and then listen some more. This phonostage allows you to hear your records without restraints, the valves allow a true sense of scale and depth in the sound stage whilst maintaining a true sense of the recording studio being placed around you for a truly personal performance. In essence, this is a remarkable box and we feel that it will be great success for the guys at Mark Travis Audio Ltd who have managed to produce a very special product that will enhance anybody's Hi-Fi system and vinyl collection.

We invited some of our regular customers to come and have a listen. The system we used was a Rega Elex amplifier with a Rega RP6 turntable sporting a Dynavector DV20X2H , the speakers were the Proac Studio 118's. Everyone that has heard it is very impressed with the results.

"It takes a recording and turns it into a performance, I can't believe it sells for less than £1000." Roger Selby.

So if you want to be one of the first to hear this amazing phono pre-amp, bring along some of your favourite vinyl, take a seat and we'll make you a nice cuppa and it will blow your socks off.

Give us a call on 01772 88958 or pop in any time.