Rega RP10 Aphelion. Music On Vinyl Just Got A Big Bit Better!

We recently received our demonstration Rega RP10 turntable with the new Rega Aphelion cartridge.

Having read some favourable comments of this cartridge, it was with some excitement that we went about setting it up and spinning some discs, thankfully the Rega is very straightford to get going so we knew it would not be too long before we could get down to some serious listening.

The Aphelion cartridge comes in its own box and supplied with a Rega torque wrench to ensure that it is tightened into the headshell correctly.

We set up the turntable, its power supply and a Rega Aria phonostage on our main demonstration system consisting of a Naim 252 pre amp, Supercap power supply, Nap 300 power amp running a pair of PMC Fact 8 loudspeakers and set about listening.

From the moment the stylus settled into the groove we could tell this was something very special, having had the RP10 on demonstration with the Rega Apheta2 cartridge for some while it was immediatley obvious that this had lifted the performance once again of the turntable. Buliding on the strengths of the Apheta2, which we felt offered a fantastic level of performance from a cartridge at this price, the Aphelion had more of everything, detail, timing, musicallity along with a level of refinement that keeps you wanting to play more and more records.

This Rega record player combination has set a new level of performance in this area and we reckon it will be very hard to beat, so well done to those Essex boys, the future of music could, indeed, still be the record listening to this.

This is now here, in store on demonstration, so come along, bring a couple of records and hear it for yourself.

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