Pro-ject VC-S Vinyl Cleaner Reduce Snap Crackle and Pop!

With the recent explosion of popularity in vinyl we have been talking to many of our customers recently who are trundling out old collections from garages, attics and sheds to see how they sound on a new turntable.

As brilliant as that nostalgia rush you get is while listening to those old records, there can be a significant problem, and that is dust and dirt. Your records can get dirty when they are being played but especially if they have been sat in storage for a while, this significantly impacts the sound quality and adds in lots of crackles and pops, luckily there is a solution in the form of the new Project VC-S vinyl cleaner.

This powerful cleaner requires very little in manual labour as it has a powered spinning platter and a strong vacuum to remove the supplied cleaning liquid and all of that grime!

So how does it work? Well first things first the vinyl needs to be sat on the spindle on  the platter and then clamped into place, as well as keeping your record steady the metal clamp also serves to protect your label keeping it dry during the next step.

The included newly developed liquid cleaning concentrate then needs to be diluted with distilled water into the supplied mixing bottle (one part solution to five parts water) this is then applied in a line across the vinyl. Using the supplied brush the liquid is then spread across the whole of the vinyl surface while rotating. All is needed to fully clean the vinyl is one rotation either way, two rotations in total, with each rotation only taking two seconds, the whole process is very quick.

After the liquid is evenly spread across the vinyl’s surface the powerful vacuum will then suck up all of the liquid and all of the now released dirt and dust leaving the record perfectly clean. The record can then be flipped and the process repeated for the other side. The VC-S has a 2.5 litre container that collects all of the liquid and while emptying it every now and again is recommended it will not be full until you have cleaned approximately a thousand records!

So, what are the results? In a word….staggering, the difference the VC-S can make to records both new and old (in fact we recommend using this on brand new vinyl before you’ve even played it to get the most out of your new purchase) is unbelievable, all of those cracks and pops disappear leaving the vinyl to sound precisely as it was originally made too. One tip we have found is to leave the vinyl play once all the way through before going back for a listen to let the stylus remove any remaining dust.

Anyone serious about vinyl needs one of these machines to keep their collection pristine and to let that classic analogue vinyl sound shine through.

Pro-Ject VS-C Vinyl Cleaner - £299.95

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