Shahinian Hawk Loudspeakers Make An Immediate Impact On Us

Firstly, let me start by wishing all our customers a Happy New Year.

2015 was a very good year for us here at the Reading store so a thank you one and all, new and old that gave us your support.

We’ve had many a new product during last year but one brand, new to both us and Audio T as a group that’s made a spectacular entry is Shahinian Loudspeakers. Frankly I can’t believe that in just one year they are now one of our most successful brands of speakers such has been their impact on us and of course those that have heard or bought them.

Having installed everything from the entry level model, The Compass 2 right up to a pair of range topping (£24K) Diapasons and many pairs of the Arc 2 and Obelisk 2, I thought we ought to investigate the Hawk, especially as I was so amazed by their big brother or should that be daddy? the Diapason.

Shahinian Hawk £16795

Essentially the Hawk is a small Diapason, indeed it was designed for those that could either not accommodate nor afford (or both) the top model but essentially retained their sonic strengths and character.

A full range loudspeaker of Modular design, in a relatively compact form, it features a substantial transmission-line subwoofer with an 8’’ driver which exits to a 10’’ passive radiator rather than to air so remains sealed. Mounted atop is an upper module with sloping sides at differing angles with no less than 8 drivers each, 4 mid range firing 2 fore and 2 aft and 4 tweeters, one on each facet.

This arrangement was designed by Dick Shahinian to replicate the sound field of a symphony orchestra rather than the usual direct-firing arrangement of the masses. Listening to Scherherazade as I write this I’d say mission accomplished.

Prior to that was Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. Dick may be a classical aficionado but he’s created an awesome ‘rocker’ too as frankly I’ve never heard that album played that well in the 30+ years I’ve known it.

All Shahinian speakers are designed to reproduce the sound of natural instruments and these, like the Diapasons, do so at an unheard level in my personal experience.

I could go on and on but I won’t. If these neither work in my modest listening room nor fail the wife’s approval, I’ll be gutted!

They are now on demo, storefront for all to hear (personal demo and home demos available or course, just call or drop us an e-mail)