Classic Vinyl Night At The Gravity Station In Swansea

We are planning a musical evening that's a little different from the norm on Friday 29th Jan at The Gravity Station in The Strand Swansea.

For those of you that don't know The Gravity Station, it's one of Swansea's best pubs for fans of craft beers and ciders from the award winning Waen Brewery and lots of others from all over the UK which is why you will find me in there quite often!

On my first visit there I was amazed to see they had a little record player on the bar with lots and lots of vinyl stacked up along side it - fantastic idea! Very shortly after that there was a nice Project turntable playing there from Audio T.

On a Friday and Saturday there are usually live bands and artists playing there which got me to thinking..... why not have a Vinyl evening where we have a high end Hi-Fi playing instead of a live artist. I put the idea to Jay and Siouxsie and it was a big smiley "we'd love to!" Jay himself is a big Vinyl fan and we often find ourselves chatting about new albums and new purchases.

We will be using two of the finest turntables available on the night, the Project Signature 12 and the Rega RP10 and playing them through Chord Electronics. Both turntables are simply stunning in looks and performance

and almost a lovely image is the Bar!

I guess the short version of this is: If you love listening to Vinyl and love craft beer as I do then what could be better than putting them both together? The best Hi-Fi in the best pub in Swansea!

Join us for a bevvy and listen to some sweet sounds on vinyl!