The Cyrus Phono Signature Arrives in Enfield!

The Phono Signature takes form in the classic half sized Cyrus chassis which perfectly integrates into any Cyrus Hi-Fi system. This die-cast aluminium chassis provides superior electrical shielding and a mechanically vibration-free enclosure for all of the critical audio components housed within.

Unlike other Phono Stages the Cyrus Phono Signature supports not just 1, but 4 turntables permanently connected. However, this feature may not appeal to everyone. Instead we have come to use these 4 inputs to set different values for our turntable to suite different genres of music.

The Phono Signature supports all MM & MC carts. Adjustable gain, resistance & capacitance values ensures accurate cartridge matching according to manufacturers specifications or allowing one to add their own personal touch to the overall sound. All of which can be adjusted by remote control or via the front panel buttons.

Another feature of the Phono Signature is a Warp filter, which can improve the sound of warped records. It achieves this by reducing bass unit excursion. The warp filter can also be used as a helpful tool to reduce bass on records in general if needed.

The Phono Signature sounds amazing... But it can and does sound even better still when partnered with a PSX-R2 power supply! Which makes for the ultimate Cyrus phono stage solution.

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