Forget 5 Gold Rings! I Want A Pair Of Kudos X2 Loudspeakers

Dear Santa, I'm not asking for anything big this year as I know space is tight in your toy sack but I would really like a pair of Kudos X2's.

At 78cm tall, the Kudos X2 is the baby floor stander in Kudos's range so fitting them in Santa's sack shouldn't be much of an issue but don't let its small size fool you, It will have you nodding your head to the music in no time as this is a really fun speaker to listen to.

The fit and finish of the Kudos X2 wouldn't be out of place on a speaker at twice the price and given that the X2 is £1449, this says a lot about the quality of Kudos production.

I've found that on the end of Naim Nait 5si, the X2 can really sing. So weather you wish to listen to your favourite Christmas carols or rock out to a bit of AC/DC this Christmas, One thing's for sure, your foot will be tapping...

Hi-Fi News wrote:  

"The Kudos X2 eloquently makes the point that you shouldn't pick on the little fella."

Hi-Fi News Jan '11

Hi-Fi Choice wrote:

"Its main strength is an impressively lively demeanour, with a vibrant, open and coherent sound quality"

So if you're interested in a small pair of floor standing speakers but still require good bass weight and extension then maybe the Kudos X2 could well be the speaker for you.

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From the good little boys at Audio T Swindon.