All I Want For Christmas Are A Pair Of Rega RX THREE's

We have taken delivery of Rega's new RX loudspeaker range consisting of the bookshelf RX ONE, compact Floorstander RX THREE and larger floorstander RX FIVE. All three are mightily impressive. I will be taking a closer look at the RX THREE's.

The RX THREE's feature a newly designed DX-125 bass / mid range drive unit which partners perfectly with Rega's ZRR tweeter, giving even greater detail and control.

The RX THREE's use a side mounted RR125.8 bass driver to aid bass frequency extension whilst retaining a slim cabinet size. The use of this bass driver offers alternative positioning (bass drivers firing inwards or outwards) to help tune the speaker to different rooms.

The new cabinet enclosure is a 18mm MDF which is covered by a wood veneer, available in 3 finishes: cherry, walnut & black.

The RX THREE's have delivered an honest representation of all my favourite music without harshness or fatigue, with an impressive 3D image. Their purposeful and compact form means they look at home in almost any room too. They are a speaker you can really live with. The RX THREE's are an almost perfect balance between form and function.

Discover the RX Range this Christmas, now on demo in store.

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