Keep On The Right Track At Audio T Southampton This Christmas!

Just to show our multi-tasking skills, we have, in between seeing to our customers' Christmas hi-fi needs, found time to decorate our festive window featuring not only, back by popular demand, last year's favourites, the rotating Robins, but also a fully functional railway!

After a lengthy retirement my sons' Lego train set has been recommissioned and renamed especially for this years festivities!

We are working hard to ensure that urgent Christmas deliveries are made on time with essential items, such as phono cartridges and stylus cleaning fluid being loaded continuously!

We take the security of your Christmas purchases very seriously, with armed guards to ensure the safe delivery of one of this year's must have gifts, the Chord Mojo!

Here is the link to our store Facebook page to enable you to enjoy the glittering movie of the Audio T Christmas Express!    

Of course, for the full experience, you could visit us to see the real thing.  We are happy to chat to you and take the stress out of your Christmas shopping!  We might even let you play with the train set! Free tickets are available with any purchase over £500!  This figure may be open to some negotiation. Try us!


We wish a Merry Christmas to all of our customers and look forward to seeing many of you during the festive season.

Alan and John