It's A Tough But Rewarding Job! Building A Michell Gyrodec SE Turntable

This week I had the pleasure of doing one of my favourite jobs which is building a Michell Gyrodec SE. Having an appreciation for craftsmanship and attention to detail this deck (along with its bigger brother the Orbe) is one of my favourite pieces of Hi-Fi both from a performance point of view and its aesthetics. It sounds as good as it looks!

When we took the order for the turntable I was telling the customer about how it arrives in kit form and I mean kit form! There is no one part attached to another at all in the box. This was obviously a surprise to the customer so I offered him to come in and sit with me while I built the deck for him so he could see the process, unfortunately he just didn't have the time so I took some pictures for him as I went along.

After looking at all the pictures I thought it would be a good idea to put up a pictorial story in my blog, rather than going into detail about what goes where etc. I'll let the pictures tell the whole story. You will see the process from opening the box to it playing an LP, I've tried to highlight the wonderful craftsmanship and finish of some of the parts even though they are completely out of view once the deck is built. Perhaps the most impresive one is the main bearing which you will see featured in its component parts, even the thread that goes into main chasis feels slicker than an otter's undercarriage!

Also, it just goes to show why when it comes to really specialist pieces like these it's so important to get it built by someone with experience. I always offer customers the opportunity to sit in with me while I do these type of builds so they can appreciate what goes on and hopefully the service we offer.

So, here are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy....

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