Focal And Naim Listening Event Thursday 10th December

To coincide with the arrival of the new Focal Sopra N1 and N2 loudspeakers we will be holding a music and Hi-Fi listening event on the 10th December in conjunction with Focal and Naim.

Focal Sopra

Following on from the world beating range of 'Utopia' loudspeakers the Focal Sopra is a collaboration between designers and engineers to provide a range of loudspeakers destined for serious music enthusiasts. Some of the sophisticated and innovative design solutions incorporated in the Sopra loudspeakers are:

NIC (Neutral Inductive Circuit) Designed to stabilise the magnetic field of the drive unit to limit distortion and offer extremely high definition and unequalled dynamics to the sound.

TMD (Tuned Mass damper) Optimises the suspension profile of the drive unit surround drasticaly reducing distortion and increasing definition of the bass and midrange.

IHL (Infinite Horn Loading) Enables the rear wave of the Berrillium tweeter to gradually be absorbed to avoid distortion. Treble definition is therefore pushed to the maximum.

The Sopras have outstanding build quality and their aesthetics and shape make them easily integrate into elegant interiors and Decors.

On initial listening it really does appear that Focal have delivered on their promise. Normally while auditioning a new loudspeaker you have to ask the question 'what are they doing wrong?' With the new Sopras the answer really has to be nothing!

Focal Sopra N1

The new Focal Sopra N1 is a compact stand mount bass reflex loudspeaker and is supplied with its own dedicated speaker stands. 

Focal Sopra N2

The new Focal Sopra N2 is a Three way bass reflex loudspeaker. The Sopra 2 has been elected best product in the 'High End Loudseaker' by EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association)

We Will be demonstrating the Sopra loudspeakers in the following systems:

Sopra N1

Naim NAC-N 272 - High end analogue pre amplifier incorporating full network streaming.

Naim XPSDR - Dedicated power supply for the Naim NAC-N272

Naim 250DR - The latest incarnation of the classic Naim 250 power amplifier

Sopra N2

Naim NAC-N 272 Pre amplifier / network streamer with dedicated XPS power supply.

We will be upping the anti somewhat with this system by incorporating the new Naim NAP300DR power amplifier. The Naim NAP300DR incorporates technologies derived from experience gained in the development of the 'Naim Statement' amplifier such as discrete regulator technology that provides a smooth stable power supply and the new NA009 transistors that took over a year to develop.

Super Lumina Speaker Cables and Interconnects

Both systems will be used with the new Super Lumina loudspeaker cable and interconnects. This will give you the opportunity to hear the sound quality improvement that can be gained over the standard interconnects.

DR Power Amplifiers and Upgrades

In addition we will have on hand the previous incarnation of the NAP250 power amplifier. This will enable us to demonstrate the huge improvement that can be achieved with the new DR power amplifiers, whether it be a new power amplifier or an upgrade to your existing amplifier.

This promises to be an interesting and most informative day. Maurice from Naim / Focal will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

The event will commence at 11.00am and conclude at 8.00pm on the 10th December.

Refreshments will be served.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Jon and Farid.

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