Chord Electronics Have Found Their Mojo...

We are VERY pleased to say that we now stock Chord Electronics at Audio T Swindon!

Unless you've been immersed in not stop rock for the last few days, we are in no doubt that you would of heard about the Chord Electronics Mojo mobile DAC/Headphone amplifier

It appears to be one of the biggest (yet smallest!) products to hit the Hi-Fi market this year and we are pleased to say that it is available along with other Chord products from Audio T in Swindon.

The Mojo (Seen at the front of this picture ) is an absolute MUST for anyone who is into music on the go and at £399 for a truly British designed & built product that is based on the amazing Chord Hugo, I believe Chord Electronics will have trouble keeping up with demand!

The Mojo is able to charge fully in only four hours and will give the listener between eight to ten hours continuous use thanks to the latest Li-Po technology. So when the Mojo is used in conjuction with a pair of good quality headphone, your portable device music player, phone or laptop computer will be able to deliver the kind of sound reproduction you could of only dreamed about.

This truly is a game changer!

You will also see in the above picture that we now stock the multi award winning Chord Hugo mobile DAC/Headphone amplifier & 2Qute DAC from the Chordette range. Same as their sibling, These products will help you hear the music as it was intended and will make you want to listen to your entire music collection again!

If you would like to hear what all the fuss is about then please feel free to come and have a listen for yourself.

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We look forward to seeing you soon.