Dolby Atmos & REL 3D arrive at Audio T Enfield!

We've never heard our demonstration room sound quite like this before... Dolby Atmos really does take home cinema to a new level. We have opted for x4 in-ceiling B&W CCM665's with the matching BB6C back boxes for maximum performance.
Pioneer's new top of the range Blu-ray player the BDP-LX88 feeds perfect picture & sound into Pioneer's power house AV Receiver the SC-LX88.
Dolby Atmos isn't the only thing that's caught our attention... REL's Shotgun 3D set up really is a must for any hardcore movie lover, the following paragraph has been taken from REL's website.
"For ultimate spatial coherence, a minimum of 3 RELs (1-main L/R, 1-center, 1-surrounds) may be used to fully realize all the performance embedded in movie soundtracks. REL Shotgun unleashes the basic performance possible in a soundtrack. Shotgun 3D™ extends that benefit to all the building blocks of a theater. By extending the low bass performance of the center channel the entire front half of the theater Is opened up. No longer does the center channel struggle to keep up with the mains. By doing so for the rear channels, the theater is completed and the 3 dimensional reality of film soundtracks takes place as one’s theater is transformed into a sort of 3 dimensional aural holograph."
We liked the sound of this, so have decided to order a custom centre stand from our friends at Hi-Fi racks to sit over a T-Zero, T-5, T-7 or S2. Not only does this look right, it aids with the timing between the centre channel & sub, which accounts for seamless integration with each other. 
We're not sure whats more exciting, Dolby Atmos or REL's Shotgun 3D. What we are sure about, is that we've not heard better! We urge you to come down & have a listen to what we believe is the ultimate home cinema solution.
See and hear what you're missing today!
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