Christmas comes but once a year....

.... but our revolving Robins and spinning Snowman each come round 17,518,248 times a year!

... or to put it another way, more recognisable to vinyl lovers, 33.33 rpm!

Our turntable themed Christmas window has certainly attracted attention from all age groups and reflects the popularity and unprecedented demand for record players which we have experienced this year.

We are grateful to Rega for managing to keep up with our ever increasing turntable orders during the very busy run up to Christmas.  So far we have been able to satisfy all of our customer orders.

For those leaving their Christmas shopping to the last minute we still have stock of some Rega models and are hoping for a top up delivery before the Rega factory closes for the festive break.

Please call us or pop in very soon if you want to secure a record player for the vinyl lover in your life in time for Christmas.  We've always got the kettle on and may even have some mince pies to tempt you!

And don't forget our special Christmas promotion below:


Don't worry if you can't get to us before we close on Christmas Eve.

We will be open again on Saturday 27th and the week commencing 29th apart from 1st January.

So why not break with tradition and give someone a New Year's present instead, even if that person is you.

You know you deserve it!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers,

from Alan and John