mu-so by Naim makes so much music in Manchester.

Meanwhile Manchester Makes Much Amusing Musings at the mu-so...

And what musings they are, what an amazing product ! 

To all those who question the abilities of "soundbars, music boxes, wireless docks or just plain old glorified ghetto blasters"...

...Naim have your answer in the mu-so. Don't believe the hype?? Think we are blowing hot air?? Not-So...

...come along to our Manchester store and take a look and listen for yourself. 

The mu-so has a six speaker array driven by six digital amplifiers.

"mu-so gives so-much for so-little"

Ahh!! well said Chromey, you know, maybe you should speak to the marketing bods at Naim about that little gem.

Apart from Wifi, Bluetooth and Airplay you also get an optical, a USB and a 3.5mm analogue input.  

The all metal body provides great heat dissipation, the elegant looking heat sink runs across the full length of the body.

The beautifully weighted, machined volume knob is a pleasure to use and is a nod to the gargantuan Naim Statement amplifier.

You can find more info about the mu-so here.

Please feel free to call in and ask the staff at our Manchester store for a demonstration.