New Rega DAC-R

We have recently received and tested the new A synchronous Rega DAC-R, what an improvement!

The new DAC-R fitted superbly between the Rega Saturn and the new Rega Elex amp via a digital coax, connected to which where the PMC Twenty23.

We played a variety of music from Mozart, Phantom Limb to Creed. The detail resolution is greater in comparison to its predecessor, which was pretty astounding in its own right, and it quite happily bounced along with what ever we played. The DAC-R is very transparent not favouring one genre of music over another.


If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive yet profound upgrade to your system the Rega DAC-R is worth serious consideration.

If you have an existing system Home Loans are available as well as demonstrations in store. We can even give you various cables to try if you want to make a night of it.