REL & PMC Day!

Listen with us on the 27th of November as we partner REL sub bass systems with PMC speakers for the ultimate in cinema & HiFi systems.

We will be getting up close & personal with PMC's Twenty 21's. Although the smallest speaker in the range, there's simply no question over their ability to convey transparent, controlled & detailed performances, which makes it even easier to forget about the speakers and listen to the music. We will also be seamlessly integrating REL's compact S2 subwoofer to offer even greater dept without masking or shadowing the 21's natural character and effortless detail.

PMC's Twenty 22's will be playing on our shop floor, showing that great sound can still be achieved in a real world, untreated & highly reflective environment, which is made to sound even better with the help of REL's T9 subwoofer.

PMC's Twenty 26's, Centre & 24's will be used in our main demo room whilst we use REL's S range subwoofers to lift & underpin the entire system. We have opted to use a REL S5 on each of the front left & right 26's, a S2 under the Centre, and a S3 on the rear 24's, to achieve a "REL 3D" setup! Dolby Atmos may also be shown in this system. We simply can't wait!

Listen & be amazed this 27th of November, the fun begins 3:00 until 8:00.


Myself, John, Jason, Tom & Kevin all look forward to welcoming you to the brilliance of PMC speakers & REL subwoofers.


Best Wishes


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