Dolby Atmos is here, and it's amazing!!



I have just been to Dolby's European headquarters in London to hear the new Atmos system at work, and it is very impressive indeed!

Pioneer had arranged an introduction to Atmos in the wonderful 60 seater cinema at Dolby HQ which I have to say is the best sounding cinema I have ever heard (plus the HQ is a lovely buiding as well)


As I'm sure many of you are aware, Atmos is the next step forward in surround sound, although it is probably better described as fully immersive sound. The new processing allows the soundtrack mixers to place sound "objects" accurately in a three dimensional space, and to move them wherever they need to within that space.

The result is a remarkable immersive experience, one clip being in the middle of a thunderstorm with the thunder literally overhead while the rain falls around you, and although it has been used in cinemas for a while it is now available for the home cinema as well. With an Atmos equipped receiver and as little as a couple of extra speakers the home cinema experiece quite literally takes on a new dimension.

Pioneer are as always at the forefront of this new technology with their receivers, including the award winning SC-LX58. They also unveiled two new BluRay players with superb construction and performance.


We have the SC-LX58 on dem in Brentwood and ready to play some Atmos soundtracks for you, so come along and see (and hear) what all the fuss is about.