A chance to see the stunning JVC DLA-X700 in action!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to show you the amazing JVC DLA-X700 home cinema projector in our demonstration room.  JVC have produced our favourite projectors for a long time but we have been completely bowled over by the image quality from the DLA-X700.  Brightness, black level and contrast are superb, even in non-blackout conditions, but most impressive is the totally natural filmic quality of the picture.  Even the harshest home cinema critic is immediately totally immersed in the movie with no image flaws to distract from pure enjoyment.  


We are very lucky to have the chance to show you this awesome projector but we have it on loan for one week only so don't miss this great opportunity. Just phone or email now to book a demo, or call in if you are passing.  Don't forget to bring your favourite movie on Blu-ray or DVD.  The price for the JVC DLA-X700 is £6995.00 but we are sure you will see why.