Clearaudio Concept vs Performance DC

We have recently had the opportunity to compare these two fantastic turntables from the Germanic stables of Clearaudio.

Starting with the Concept, priced at £995, this is fitted with the Concept MM cartridge and has a great, solid feel of build quality about it. This package offers a good level of detail retrieval whilst retaining a smooth top end, open midrange and tuneful bass. Making music that is involving and easy on the ear!

This turntable comes fully assembled from Clearaudio and is pretty much ready to go  straight from the box. Making it a great choice for those wanting great performance without setup fuss and with little ongoing maintenance.

The Performance DC, fitted with the Concept MC cartridge, is priced at £2595. It feels substantially heavier than the Concept with an even more solid construction, thanks to its multi layer sandwich plinth.

Upon playback, it presents a more open and transparent soundstage with greater width and depth. The Performance DC offers even more detail whilst remaining beautifully sweet and smooth in its delivery. Low level detail is also improved, thanks to a smoother, quieter running platter, courtesy of the Performance DC's ceramic magnetic bearing. Vocals are well expressed within the mix and bass is tauter, faster and more detailed (in comparison to the Concept).

Overall, the Performance DC offers a wholly more involving and immersive listen, its much improved timing and dynamics offer a very stable and three dimensional presentation of your favourite vinyl!

Sit back and enjoy!