Smooth operators


Here in Bristol we really like Rega's approach to all their products. Simple in design, cost effective and musically enjoyable. The Saturn-R and Elicit-R combination really carries this tradition forward offering a fabulously rewarding listening experience.



The Saturn-R CD player is the latest edition to Rega's electronics range and continues where it's revered predecessors left off. But wait, it's not just a CD player it's also a very capable DAC with optical and coaxial digital inputs and even a USB socket for hooking up a computer. This allows you to carry on playing all the CDs you've collected over the years whilst giving you the ability to explore the world of streaming and high resolution audio (up to 24 bit 192khz). Of course the DAC is not just an afterthought it consists of a pair of Wolfson DACs, a high quality master clock, an asynchronous USB input all put together with great care taken to power supplies and circuitry. So whether playing CDs or your latest high resolution download you will get an excellent musical reproduction that sounds just right.



The Elicit-R amplifier builds on the great things that Rega did with their last amplifier release the Brio-R.

They've doubled the power to 100w, added a stepped attenuator for greater levels of control and performance, incorporated a moving magnet and moving coil phono stage and used top notch circuitry such as using a pair of Darlington output transistors to emulate a class A driver stage.


Hearing is believing

All this technology makes for a superb amplifier that when combined with the Saturn-R delivers a very satisfying sound without a hint of 'digitalness'. It offers effortless power and bags of detail.

Both products can be bought separately of course and either will offer a level of performance some other manufacturers can only dream of. If you're in the market for an amp or CD/DAC or both give us a ring and we will set them up so you can hear for yourself.