Arcam AVR750

We have high hopes for Arcams new integrated recievers and the AVR750 is the first one we have had a chance to play with. At £4000 it needs to be good as there are plenty of good home cinema amps on the market for less money.

First impressions are good, the unit feels solidly built with the usual Arcam FMJ case, and the list of specifications is appropriately lengthy. The only slightly disappointing part is the remote which feels light weight and a bit insubstantial for such a quality product.

We rigged the AVR750 up to our favourite PMC speaker package. The menus and remote are slick, and quicker to react than the previous recievers. The auto set up with the microphone provided is as good as any, however I still believe that a better result can be achieved on most occasions if you spend a bit of time and do it manually.

After putting the AVR750 through it's paces for an hour I can honestly say it is one of the best, if not the best, home cinema amplifier I have ever heard. It sounded effortlessly powerful and dynamic with an action movie, but also retained subtlety, detail and musicality, not an easy combination to achieve with an integrated home cinema amplifier.