Arcam's AVR750 Lands In Our Demo Room!

Arcam's top of the range and eagerly awaited Home Cinema Amplifier has arrived!

It feels like Christmas has come early! :)

 Supplied with the Arcam AVR750 you will find x1 Power Cable, x1 Set-Up Mic, x1 FM/DAB Aerial, x1 Remote (CR450), and x2 AAA Batteries.

Arcam's AVR750 isn't just an improvement over its predecessor the AVR600.... Its a giant leap forward in Movie and Music terms!, Arcam quoted that the AVR600 was known as the "best sounding" receiver available at that price point and beyond, however Arcam's AVR750 is being referred to as Arcam's best ever "stereo" amplifier!

Arcam have decided to use a completely new HDMI board for the AVR750 which relates to faster input switching & a faster to appear set-up on-screen menu which all helps create a smooth & seamless operation of the new AVR's, but more importantly is the improvements over picture definition! (We find ourselves getting pulled further into the picture noticing minute details that we previously had missed!). Arcam has also changed the volume control using a resistive ladder operation much like a high-end multi-pole resistor switch (usually found in esoteric and expensive pre-amps). With this design it means that only a single resistor is in place of the signal path , offering next to no distortion!

Lurking under the casework of the Arcam AVR750 is a huge toroidal transformer supplying the Class G power amplifiers with the clean, stable power they need to deliver a genuine 120 Watts (2 channels driven) and 100 Watts per channel when driving all seven, however the majority of normal listening uses a Class A stage, making Arcam's AVR750 a cut above the competition for music playback & arguably movies "Hollywood is easy......get the music right and Hollywood will follow".

Lastly the new remote (CR450) is superior to the one previously supplied with the AVR360/400/600, With much better and reliable lighting you can enjoy a home theater experience without having to stumble in the dark trying to find the right button!

Our first listens have left us gob smacked!.... thanks to it's refined Class G power amplifer and new analogue volume control its so much cleaner sounding than both the AVR400 & AVR600 amps.  The picture appears to have more depth & HDMI handshaking speeds are incredibly fast due to the new HDMI boards. This feels like what the AVR600 should have been.

Well done ARCAM! :) It's Amazing!

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