B&W's MT50 Dominate Our Demonstration Room!

Take a closer look & listen at B&W's MT50 speaker package at Audio-T Enfield!

The new B&W M-1 Satellites contain x1 1" metal dome Tube-Loaded tweeter, x1 4" woven glass fibre cone bass driver which features B&W's Anti-Resonance Plug. The performance is now full range with help from a extended bass port and other shared technologies from the Nautilus & PM1 speakers. In short the M-1's are some of the best satellite speakers we've heard!

The M-1 centre channel is simply the same speaker as the M-1 satellites with the stand adjusted & the badge turned around :) (All satellites are wall mountable using the supplied wall bracket).

B&W's ASW608 uses x1 8" Paper Aramid Fibre cone long-throw driver which is driven by 200 Watts of power, although less powerful on paper than KEF's E2 & Monitor Audio's Mass W200, B&W's decision to mount the 8" bass driver on the front of the cabinet means a tighter faster slam! Bring on the trouser flapping bass! :)

So find out today whether B&W's MT50 5.1 speaker package is the surround sound we've been waiting for!

We would describe the M-1 satellites as "Detailed with considerable bass weight and texture"

And the ASW608 subwoofer as "Fast, Punchy with a controlled slam"

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