Chord Sarum Tuned Aray for Naim users + New Tuned Aray products

Having now had time to fully run-in and assess Sarum Tuned Aray with Naim products I am happy to report that along with many in the industry and on Naim’s user forums, that these are indeed a great match.

5Din - 5Din (for CD players/streamers etc) and 4Din to XLR (for Power Supply – Power Amp) speaker cable and Power Cables offer considerable enhancements over stock cables and those customers of ours who heard them agree!

The comments made in my earlier blog on Sarum TA also apply when using Naim equipment. Please find below.


Chord gave us advanced information as to the expansion of their Tuned Aray range and I’m pleased to announce their imminent availability.

Yesterday we were privileged to hear first production samples of the all new Indigo and Signature Tuned Aray interconnects. These replace the Indigo Plus and Signature Plus leads and what’s more, at no extra cost! However please note that there will be no upgrade option as is offered with Sarum. This is due to the fact that ALL of the conductors in the new models are different to the older ones.

Admittedly these were straight off the production line with no previous use whatsoever (we await our demo sets in great anticipation so we can prep them fully and understand their full potential) but in my book first impressions often count. 

My very first and most lasting impression is they had a distinct 'Tuned Aray' presentation. Tonally they sounded different to Sarum TA albeit they are unused but the sense of cohesion was there much like Sarum TA and the Indigo non TA were compared it to (fully run in too I should add) sounded somewhat of a mess by comparison.

What this confirmed in my mind is that 'TAing' the Sarum is no lucky fluke or coincidence but a reliable and repeatable design principle that can be implemented to other products.

More listening is need of course but it appears TA cable may be more accessible and suit different systems and budgets.

For the record there will be no Indigo DIN options.

Chord now have three distinct ranges:

  1. Tuned Aray (Sarum, Indigo & Signature)
  2. Aray (Anthem Reference & Chorus Reference)
  3. VEE 3 (Cadenza, Chameleon, Cobra & Crimson)