Dynaudio Xeo 3 & Xeo 5 Wireless Speakers Are Here!

We have been recieving requests for decent wireless speakers for about 5 years now and at last we can say to our customers "take a listen to these."

There are two models in the range a stand mount, the Xeo 3 (pictured below) and a floorstander the Xeo 5. 

They are both active (no amplifier required) and they recieve music from any source wirelessly. This could be a computer a hi-fi separate a streamer or in fact anything that outputs sound.

The Xeo 3 is a stand mount and placed on a decent pair of stands, with your computer plugged into the sender box via usb, they sound incredible.

The tweeter is driven by a 50w built in amp and the woofer driven by its own 50w amp. There is no crossover so the music just flows giving a very open clean detailed and involving sound. From the sound they produce you would think that they were much bigger, looks indeed can be deceptive!

If you have a big room to fill then the Xeo 5 is well worth a look with all the attributes that make the Xeo 3 so appealing but with a 'bigger' sound.

Come along and have a listen, we think you'll be very surprised.

Martin, Alester and Stefan