Chord Electronics Qute HD DAC

DAC technology has come on in leaps and bounds just recently and Chord Electronics have not been slow to bring out yet another digital wonder.

Witness their DAC 64 of some 12 years ago which at the time was a groundbreaking product. Many are still in use today and their latest product confirms that small does not mean small performance.


Enter the Qute HD DAC    


Many of our customers have asked for a DAC which not only provides standard co-axial and optical inputs, but also USB for the increasing use of PC and laptop.

On offer are sample rates from 44.1KHz to 192KHz and is upgradeable for the future

to make it 384 KHz ready.


Performance is top-notch with great energy, insight and resolution. Surely one of the most interesting products of the current digital generation and also looks set to become another classic!


Available in Black or Silver finish       £990.00


On demo now at the Reading store