Focal Aria & Naim Uniti 2: News is the French love the English and the English love the French.

The Naim Uniti 2 probably needs no introduction here but in case you didn't know it is a one box Hi-Fi.

It includes a CD Player, a DAB and FM tuner, internet connectivity to stream music and access Internet radio and music files stored on your computer or home network. It can play music from an iPhone /iPad/ iPod or from a USB stick (all this can be done with files up to 32bit 192khz ).

It has digital inputs for TV playstation etc, and has analogue inputs so you can plug in a turntable and it includes a fantastic sounding 70w amplifier.  Oh and did I say it's made in England. In Salisbury, Wiltshire to be precise.

So there's your amp and sources sorted, what about speakers....

Enter the Focal Aria 926/906. Made in France by one of the worlds biggest and most reknowned speaker manufacturers and these speakers are a perfect match with the Naim Uniti 2.

The bass/ mid drivers are made with the inovotive use of Flax (linseed) fibres sandwiched between two very thin layers of glass fibre. This special technique developed for over 5 years has produced a very light very fast driver with ideal properties for a bass/mid drive unit.

The tweeter has its roots in the famous beryllium inverted domes of the very high end focal speakers. Again it's very fast with low distortion, and being focal, very accurate but at the same time enjoyable to listen to.


Perfect so far but can we make things even better...


We have a special deal on at the moment which could save you up to £800.

Package 1 - Naim Uniti 2 & Focal 906 two way standmount loudspeaker

Package 2 - Naim Uniti 2 & Focal 926 3 way floorstanding loudspeaker

Just combine the Naim Uniti with a pair of Focals.

There are two speaker models to choose from. The 926 is a floorstanding model and looks very elegant in either black or walnut. It is a three way design and suitable for large rooms. 

The 906 is a standmount and would be suited to small to mid sized rooms.

Both sets of speakers sound excellent coupled with the Naim Uniti 2 but don't take my word for it, book a demonstration and bring along some music, whether it be on CD, your phone, USB stick or even a piece of vinyl, we are sure you will love what you hear.

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