Classic Album Night Number Eight

Many thanks to everyone who attended our eighth Classic Album Night on Tuesday 22nd October. It was great to see such a good crowd , with many of our regular fieinds and a few new faces to ,you know who you are :) 

This one had a bit of a twist. A different genre of album being "Moon Safari" by "Air" and we used an Arcam AVR 750 surround sound receiver, which in stereo direct drove the Proac D30R speakers exceptionally well. We lost count of the number of nodding heads and tapping feet so we think you must have enjoyed it to.

We must offer speacial thanks to Mick Neil of Arcam and David Johnston of Proac, Two great representatives who were both present to answer any questions of which there were a few.

On the whole, another successful evening. We are looking forward to Classic album night number nine.

We still have both the amplifier and the speakers for the next couple of weeks so if you require a more personal demonstration of either of these components, please feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration.