Projection based complete Home Cinema for less than a price of a TV?

Q. Is it possible to have a complete projection based Home Cinema experience without breaking the bank?

A. Yes it is and we can show you how!

Mention a projector to people and they think about dim grainy images they might have seen in the local pub or boardroom. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Projectors have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and with prices falling, a high quality High Definition home cinema projector is now something which many people can afford. Most people don't realise that an 8ft wide 92" diagonal image is available for less than £2000 which includes a projector AND electric screen. Try getting that size image with a flat panel TV and you could expect to pay more than twice that price.

In fact, it is now possible to have a projection based Home Cinema system - complete with a 3D Projector, 7ft wide Electric drop down screen,  AV Amplifier, 5.1 Surround sound speaker package, 3D Blu-Ray player, 50m of speaker cable and HDMI cable, all for less than £4000!

So for less than £4k, you could have a fully fledged Home Cinema system or just a single 65'' 'telly' for the same money.

Many of our customers go for both options. A smaller high quality TV for normal casual viewing and a projector for big sports events and movies.

Please call us on 01277 264730 with your requirements and we will show you what can be achieved within your budget. Or better still, come in and we will show you what can be achieved. You may be VERY suprised...