Music Works ReEntry IEC Power Cable - £125

Cables and stands can alter the fundamental music making performance of a Hi-Fi system and need to be tried to appreciate their importance.


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ReEntry IEC Power Cable - £125 

 Power Distribution Products 

‘New Product’ An entry level power cable. This cable still utilizes all the basic Musicworks knowledge which helps to give substantial listening improvements when connecting audio equip-ment to the AC mains supply. This power cable benefits from a new Custom Made 3 core - dual screened mains cable and a new entry level mains plug, together they earned the top marks in our demanding Musicworks evaluation tests. Finally adding the IEC connector from the next level up ‘ReVive Lite’ power cord, gives this cable an audible advantage against any standard manufac-turers supplied IEC power cord. Nominal length 1.8m. 

Try this cable in place of the standard mains lead supplied with your equipment, or indeed make a comparison with the Naim Powerline mains lead £465 to judge what will suit your system and pocket best !


 Use in conjunction with 


ReFlex ‘Lite’ IEC Power Distribution Block - £450  

Our best selling power distribution block. The ‘ReFlex Lite’ provides a cost effective approach to accessing the coherence that a MusicWorks mains block brings to a system. This 6 way block fea-tures acrylic sandwich construction, star earth cabling and the same mains sockets that were used on the previous top of the range ‘ReFlex Plus’ block. Power inlet is via an IEC socket, allowing the consumer the choice of power cables supplying the block.