Anthem MRX500 A/V Receiver demonstrations available in store

We have now received our new Anthem MRX500 receiver! Anthem is a Canadian company that focuses on sound quality rather than a long feature list and it shows on the MRX500 model. Key to Anthem is their own ARC room correction facility.

ARC analyzes each speaker’s in-room response then sets output levels, crossover frequencies and room correction parameters for each one. The receiver comes with a calibrated microphone and pc software which we used in our room to set it up. Basic set up without using the microphone can also be done.

Result ? Absolutely fantastic sound quality from the receiver when used with Kef R Series speakers. The receiver is VERY conservatively rated at 100w per channel. Don't let that put you off. This receiver has more 'real' power than the competition as proved to us when we put the KEF R Series speakers on the end of it.

The Anthem MRX500 has 4 HDMI inputs and will also handle 3D sources with ease. Internet radio and the ability to play music from a usb or flash drive is also onboard. The receiver also comes with a 3 year warranty.

Currently we are running the MRX500 in our Home Cinema demonstration room with the Kef R Series speaker package in a 7.1 configuration with a Velodyne SPL1200 subwoofer. Source components include Pioneer BDP LX55 and Panasonic BDT320 blue ray players. The Anthem MRX500 is supplying the image to an Optoma projector.

Kef speakers include the following :

Kef R700 for Left/Right duties
Kef R200 Centre speaker
Kef R500 Surround Speakers
Kef R100 Back Surround speakers

Please contact us 01277 264730 if you fancy a demonstration of this awesome receiver!